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Spotlight On: Rachel Martin, Director of Marketing at Shorecrest

We love stories and people, so we thought it would be really interesting to start featuring some of our most favorite people in a monthly Spotlight column. Each month, we will feature clients, Pinstripe Marketing employees, partners, and community members who have touched our lives in some way.

Our first Spotlight is on Rachel Martin, Director of Marketing and Communications at Shorecrest Preparatory School. Rachel is not just a wonderful client, she is a really great person too. Now you can meet her for yourself.

Rachel MartinRachel Martin

Director of Marketing and Communication

Shorecrest Preparatory School

St. Petersburg, FL

Years in this position: 1.5

Years in this industry: 10

What is the first marketing project you remember?

I was charged with planning a ladies tea for a group of alumni at Savannah Country Day School where I worked in the Development Office. When I asked about the budget for the event my boss told me, “Spend what you need.” $5,000 later I had the finest rented china, tablecloths, and gourmet cookies for a group of about 25 women. It was a charming event, but cost about 10x what we’d budgeted. I learned that, while autonomy is something I value and appreciate, sometimes you must give – and get – specific instructions before charging ahead!

What do you like most about marketing?

The sheer variety! In my role I get to write, design, code, analyze data, study psychology, take risks, lead, follow, work independently, collaborate, etc. And the field is always evolving – there is always something new to learn.

What challenges does your industry face?

In education, there’s the struggle of balancing best practices based on the latest brain research of child development versus what parents experienced as students just a generation ago. Sometimes parents expect school to be the same experience for their children as it was for them, though the world is an entirely different place. Educators also face the pressure of our data-driven society. Things like test scores and one-dimensional student assessments can compete against goals that are difficult to measure like a child’s social-emotional health, resilience, understanding over memorization, etc. For me, working at a place like Shorecrest with such an incredible group of teachers, I think our faculty and administration do an exemplary job of balancing those demands, which in turn gives our marketing team the tools we need to communicate effectively with our current and prospective families.

What marketing resources do you recommend?

Seth Godin is my marketing crush; my favorite of his books is All Marketers are Liars. I also am a huge fan of Hubspot’s blog and training materials. Staying connected with peers and fellow marketers on LinkedIn and Twitter is also a great way to see what other professionals are discussing and sharing.

 If you could give one piece of advice to Tampa Bay companies, what would it be?

Partner with a school. It could be through a service project mentoring at-risk students, through sponsoring a department or team that aligns with your company’s mission, providing guest experts for a class discussion, there are so many ways that businesses and schools can form mutually beneficial relationships. The more our communities invest in education, the stronger our area is for recruiting employees with families, the stronger our future workforce, the list goes on. 

What are your hobbies?

I love to run and bike. Almost as much as I love to eat and drink. I’m also really trying to get into gardening, but I seem to kill everything I attempt to cultivate.

Last book you read?

The Witches: Salem, 1692 by Stacy Schiff.

Thank you, Rachel, for taking the time out of your schedule to answer a few questions to give our readers some insight into the life of a preparatory school marketing director! We can’t wait to see what you do next.

If you’d like to be featured in the Pinstripe Spotlight, just let us know!

Bobbie Shay Lee Speaks at University of Rhode Island

Bobbie Shay Lee presents at University of Rhode Island

Bobbie Shay Lee was selected as the 2016 University of Rhode Island Vangermeersch Lecturer to present “Profit or Purpose: Looking Beyond the Surface”.

In her address, the former NFL cheerleader told the stark truth about some cause-related marketing and how consumers can be well informed about purchasing products with ties to charitable organizations.

A breast cancer survivor, it was Lee’s quest for information about funding from the NFL’s “Crucial Catch” breast cancer campaign that led her to create the Center for Transparency. Through the Center, she has worked to provide clarity about the profits being made and details of exactly how much money is actually contributed to a company’s selected non-profit.

Read more about her lecture in the University of Rhode Island student newspaper.

Bobbie Shay Lee, 2016 Vangermeersch Lecturer

Bobbie Shay Lee, 2016 Vangermeersch Lecturer

Bobbie Shay Lee, 2016 Vangermeersch Lecturer

Pinstripe Closes on New Web Site for Southern Roots Realty

real estate web site wolfnet integration

After years of working with big commercial firms, it was a special treat to work on a decidedly prettier real estate web site. And with a legacy that spans generations, it was a pleasure to design the Southern Roots Realty site to reflect their love and commitment to St. Petersburg.

real estate web site WolfNet integrationThe Southern Roots site highlights the home listings visitors expect from real estate sites, and through the custom integration with WolfNet, it also features robust search functionality and lead generation tools for the agency. What makes Southern Roots unique is their deep knowledge of and affinity for St. Petersburg’s diverse neighborhoods, so the Pinstripe team incorporated that into the site design. The agents regularly post insights about the most popular areas of the city, illustrating why buyers and sellers need the Southern Roots team in their corner.

Have a real estate firm looking for a new web site? Contact our team and let’s get to work!


The Importance of a Trademark Search

Florida trademark lawyer, intellectual property

Guest contributor: Monica Mason, Trenam Law

A trademark is a name, word or logo used to indicate the source of a product or service. While a “trademark” technically refers to a brand used on goods and products (e.g., coffee, sneakers, jewelry), a “service mark” refers to a brand used in connection with services (e.g., restaurant services, insurance services, accounting services). Almost every company imaginable has a trademark or service mark – either the name of the company advertised to the public or the name of its product.

Prior to using or advertising a new brand in connection with a business or product, it is critical to have a trademark attorney conduct thorough trademark searches to clear the potential trademark for use and registration. It is necessary for a business owner to know whether there are risks to the company’s use and registration of the proposed trademark. When first selecting a trademark, a business owner should conduct an Internet search or use the free search engine located on the United States Patent and Trademark Office website – Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS) – to discern whether the proposed mark is unique or widely used.

Generally, there are two levels of trademark searches recommended: first, a preliminary “knock-out” search is conducted to determine if an identical mark has already been applied for or registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office or with any state trademark office. This first and very important step helps determine the potential availability and registrability of a proposed trademark, and can easily determine whether a proposed mark is worth pursuing or should be eliminated from consideration due to conflicting marks. The preliminary search, however, is limited in scope as many companies do not register their trademarks; thus, there could be additional and extensive use of the same or similar marks at common law.

If no conflicts are found in the preliminary search, the next step is to conduct a more thorough, due diligence trademark search. A comprehensive trademark search helps determine any further risks associated with the use and registration of the mark, including possible infringement risks, and reviews the extent of non-registered use of the mark around the country. This second level of searching involves a trademark attorney ordering and analyzing a detailed report from a specialized commercial search firm. The comprehensive search gathers information from a variety of sources including federal trademark/service mark applications and registrations in the United States Patent and Trademark Office, available state registrations, and also searches an extensive database of trade names, trade directories, corporate filings, international filings, registered domain names, Internet usage, telephone books, and other non-registration sources. These searches can also search design and logo components, phonetic equivalents, and other variations of a proposed trademark. Although a comprehensive trademark search offers a more thorough discovery of potential conflicts and risks involved with the use and registration of the potential trademark, it is not exhaustive.

Once the trademark has been cleared, a trademark owner should protect its trademark by filing an application to register the mark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, with state trademark offices (e.g., Florida), and/or foreign countries, as appropriate.

Although U.S. trademark law does not require that trademark searches be conducted prior to using and/or applying to register a trademark, trademark searches are important because courts have held that the failure to conduct a trademark search prior to adopting a mark can constitute evidence of bad faith and/or willful infringement. Conducting a thorough trademark search and using a trademark attorney can help negate a charge of bad faith in a trademark infringement lawsuit.

While conducting trademark searches is not mandatory under trademark law, the searches can uncover substantial risks of which a business owner would otherwise be unaware, and save the company substantial expense, time, and headaches down the road.


Florida intellectual property lawyerMonica Mason is Senior Counsel at Trenam Law, one of Tampa Bay’s largest law firms. Monica practices in the firm’s Business Transaction Practice Group, focusing primarily on intellectual property law including trademarks, copyrights and domain names. Monica has vast experience with all aspects of trademark law, including trademark clearance and prosecution, cease and desist matters, and licensing. She represents clients in connection with sales and acquisition of trademarks, unfair competition, brand strategy, trademark watching and policing, and managing large trademark portfolios. She also assists clients in connection with copyright and domain name matters. Monica was recognized as the Tampa Trademark Law Lawyer of the Year in 2014 by The Best Lawyers in America.® 



Tampa Bay public relations

Pinstripe completes another successful East-West Shrine Game

Tampa Bay sports marketing agency
Tampa Bay hosted the 91st East-West Shrine Game on January 23rd and welcomed more than 100 of college football’s best players on their first stop on the Path to the Draft. A week-long job interview, the players showcase their talents before scouts from every NFL team and national sports media. The Pinstripe Marketing team supports the game with public relations, credentialing media, advertising and media buying, social media management, sideline photography, and in-game communications.

The fifth year in Tampa Bay was another great success. A record 23,106 fans in attendance, NFL Network rankings up 67% over 2015, and tremendous support from the media. We especially appreciate our partners at the local television, radio and newspapers who have embraced the game and the important cause it supports. While the West won the game, it is always the children of Shriners Hospitals for Children who win.

Here are just a few of the stories from game week:



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