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Google’s Reach For Data

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Data Harvesting: Before the internet, data collection was primarily census information and zip codes. Of course, there was more to it, but it was far less precise. Today, Google, Facebook and Microsoft (Bing) trade services to consumers for information about them—keeping an ongoing record of their activity—eventually they know what you look like and exactly where you are. For businesses this is a big deal, but more about that later.

It’s no surprise that these companies and a whole host of others are gathering information about you with every click on your phone and every stop you make while running errands. Yes, that’s right. If your phone has Google’s Android on it then they know through GPS data where you’ve been. This link shows you how it can be turned off, but I’m all for keeping it on. As a matter of fact, I’m a Level 5 Google Local Guide. They show where I’ve been during the week and I review those businesses, because I believe that good businesses should be rewarded with good reviews.

With GPS data being a major component of Google’s data harvesting, some of the other types of data are: Gmail (every email and the content inside it), search history, bookmarks, user profile, apps downloaded, YouTube history, friends, connections, family and many others. The amount of data they store about one person can be more than 5GB of data. That’s millions of Word documents!

Of course, you’ve agreed to all of this and so have billions of people and organizations. Some have opted out and others have strict privacy settings, but, in all, Google has a pretty good idea of who you are, especially as a consumer. And they had better because that’s how they make money.

What’s the Payoff for Access?

We’ve done lots of articles on target marketing and how important it is for ROI. This is why Google AdWords is the best at targeted marketing strategies. They have the biggest reach with nearly 66 percent of total search volume worldwide and the most data. Google’s pay-per-click helps businesses find new customers – they are years ahead of anyone else, because advertisers pay only for direct connections with potential customers.

Facebook and many others are still charging for impressions, or how many people may have seen the ad, which is great for brand awareness, but doesn’t hit the bullseye. With Google, advertisers may get impressions, but only pay for click-through rates. All of this data is still collected and offered to the customer.

When it comes to Facebook, their checkered past of exaggerated ad data makes us cautious of an enthusiastic endorsement. Also, Google and Facebook are very different in the way they determine ads served. Facebook bases ad choices on consumers’ chosen interests on their profile, while Google collects organic data as the consumer moves throughout their daily routine.

Are There Really Any Alternatives?

Yes, there are a few and you should give them a try, particularly if Google is too expensive or your keywords have multiple meanings. For starters, there’s Bing, also a pay-per-click service that has a great track record and over 150 million unique users. Plus, they boast a captivated market share with an audience that is older and spends 25 percent more money online than other users. In most cases, Bing is cheaper for advertisers than Google because they don’t have the sizable reach.

Amazon and BuySellAds are different in that they sell awareness with high click-through rates. Amazon is best for retailers and BuySellAds works great for entering new markets. There are many choices and finding the one that’s right for you can be a difficult decision. Shoot us an email and we can walk you through the options.

Michael Premo
Content Strategist
Pinstripe Marketing

Marketing as a New Year’s Resolution

marketing new year's resolutions tampa bay marketing florida advertising agency

Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to grow your business? To do more marketing? To be more strategic? To work smarter, not harder? You’re not alone! Each year, our phones start ringing on January 2nd with clients ready to start off strong.

If you need support to refresh your brand, launch that new web site, generate new content, shoot new videos, design new marketing collateral, build relationships with the media, or just to keep you on track – we’re here for you. Let’s set up a meeting and discuss your resolutions!

Be More Awesome in 2016!

INBOUND 2015 – one of the biggest and best marketing conferences

INBOUND features inspiring keynotes, innovative talks, educational breakout sessions, hands-on lessons and tons of networking. Join us (and 10,000+ new friends) in Boston from September 8th through the 11th to get inspired by Seth Godin, Daniel Pink, Brene Brown, and dozens more, including comedians Aziz Ansari and Amy Schumer.

The event includes more than 170 education sessions (if only we could be cloned!) designed to help us master our skills in:

  • designing content strategies
  • creative storytelling
  • personalizing modular content
  • building collaborative teams
  • nurturing inbound leads
  • tapping into big data
  • aligning sales and marketing
  • discovering client insights
  • using research to drive strategies
  • driving client engagement
  • unleashing better creative
  • developing successful video strategies
  • crafting compelling email campaigns
  • leveraging LinkedIn groups
  • generating traffic from Facebook
  • measuring online activities with Google Analytics
  • building relationships with the media
  • creating world-class company culture
  • adopting new marketing technology
  • forecasting customer activities
  • the art of social selling
  • hosting badass events
  • with more sessions being added daily!

We are so excited about participating in this conference and are working on scheduling a breakfast or happy hour with friends and colleagues from across the country while we’re there. Let us know if you’ll be attending and we’ll add you to the list!

Register for INBOUND 2015!


Pinstripe Among Initial Founders of Gasparilla Interactive Festival

Tampa Bay advertising agency, Gasparilla Interactive FestivalThe first Gasparilla Interactive Festival will be held on March 6, 2015 at Port Tampa Bay, Cruise Terminal 3. The Gasparilla Interactive Festival (GIF) is Tampa Bay’s showcase for cutting-edge technologies, digital innovation and entrepreneurial inspiration.

The Festival features compelling presentations and forums from the brightest minds in emerging technology, interactive media, and disruptive entrepreneurialism and will include exciting networking events hosted by industry leaders. The event will have a series of speakers and an expo. Confirmed speakers include Faris Yakob, founder of Genius Steals LLC; Joanna Lord, VP of Marketing at Porch; Peter Shankman, founder at ShankMinds Business Masterminds; Savannah Peterson, Global Community Manager at Shapeways; Michael del Castillio of Upstart Business Journal; and Riva-Melissa Tez founder of Berlin Singularity.

The festival is a community event and is made possible through the collaboration of Tampa Bay’s public, private, non-profit, and academic institutions. Partners include AAF Tampa Bay, Ad 2 Tampa Bay, Hillsborough County, EDI2, University of Tampa, Port Tampa Bay, Visit Tampa Bay, Collaborative Technologies of Tampa Bay, Schifino Lee, The Publicity Agency and the Gasparilla International Film, Art and Music Festivals.

“We are proud to be one of the founders of Gasparilla Interactive Festival to ensure its future in Tampa Bay,” said Pinstripe president, Ginger Reichl. “We are fortunate to have a community that embraces technology and provides a forum to keep us on the leading edge. Advertising represents only one element of interactive and we’re excited to showcase many more.”

The festival is organized by the Gasparilla Interactive Festival Inc., a Florida non-profit organization that was founded by leadership members of the American Advertising Federation and Ad 2 Tampa Bay chapters.

Attendees may register for $150 or purchase a Founder’s Club membership for $1,000. Founders and sponsors will be invited to an Opening Reception the evening of Thursday, March 5. Visit to register and for more information.

Follow the Gasparilla Interactive Festival on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

EDIT: Here are a few of the stories about the Gasparilla Interactive Festival

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Shorecrest Preparatory School Shows off Maker Space with Bay News 9

St. Petersburg private school with maker spaceThe Shorecrest Preparatory School expanded its media center in 2014 to include a makerspace to encourage hands-on learning. Capitalizing on the national maker movement, the curriculum is adapting to focus on the STEAM skills of science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics. This special learning environment encourages independent thinking, creativity and problem solving.

The makerspace includes a 3D printer, building and technology materials, computers, books and much more. We were pleased to work with Bay News 9’s Ashley Jeffery to tell their story.

Tampa Bay public relations

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