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Creativity can solve anything!

The poor people at Art & Copy… I’ve been stalking them!  I saw this trailer online for the movie a couple months ago, and cannot wait to see it.

Some of the industry’s most interesting people are featured, including my hero, the legend, Mary Wells Lawrence.

You can read the synopsis here, but the trailer says it all. And stay tuned… they’ll agree eventually to have a screening in Tampa Bay just to shut me up!

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Plan to get your money’s worth


It’s planning season!  The next few months at the agency will be spent planning for our clients’ 2010 marketing initiatives. A key component of the marketing plan is the media in which their advertisements will appear.

In choosing media for your promotional efforts, a very important consideration is how well a particular advertising vehicle will reach your target audience at a level that will allow the investment pay off with increased sales.

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PR: Brand management help from your media friends

prWhat thoughts are stirred when you hear the term, “public relations?”

You might think of press releases. Or more imaginatively, maybe the image that comes to mind is a news conference — where a company spokesperson tries to put a positive spin on reports that their latest product is “unsafe for any use… and is hazardous as waste.”

Certainly such functions are aspects of PR. They are also quite different from what pops into our heads when someone says “advertising.” We almost instinctively think of multi-million dollar ads during the Super Bowl or perhaps loud radio commercials for a local car dealer.

But like its marketing cousin, PR’s every activity has one objective — to promote a brand image that will resonate with its target audience.

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Making the scene at trade shows

tradeshowTrade shows are commonly understood as bazaars where exhibitors attempt to reach new customers by promoting their products or services via interactive displays and face-to-face conversation. These events are frequently huge and elaborate gatherings and every booth is striving for that “wow’” factor. With perhaps thousands of visitors — each of whom is a potential critic — participating in a trade show can be daunting for the inexperienced vendor. It may help to realize you’re probably already familiar with the basic mechanics.

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And that’s a personal brand.

Walter Cronkite“A brand should strive to own a word in the minds of the consumer.”  It’s one of the key messages in Al and Laura Ries’ book, 22 Immutable Laws of Branding.  I use this gem in every marketing and branding presentation I give, with national examples (Volvo, FedEx, Nordstrom) and a few locals (Beef O’Brady’s, Beltz & Ruth, Dr. Monticciolo).  The idea of owning a word can be applied to personal branding as well.

Walter Cronkite owns the word trust.

The important part of owning a word is that it has to be true. You can’t just say your product is safe. You can’t just say it will be there overnight. You can’t just say you’re fair and balanced. It has to be true.

Walter Cronkite became an American icon when he took over the CBS Evening News in 1962.  Known for his slow, steady, authoritative delivery and his unerring standards of responsible and ethical journalism, Walter’s voice is associated with the country’s most significant events of two decades. He ended each broadcast with his trademark, “And that’s the way it is,”  except when it followed an opinion.

It is hard to imagine opinion or commentary that isn’t delivered as news.

Uncle Walter died today at the age of 92.  He owns the word trust.  And I don’t think anyone will ever take it from him.

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