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Passion – Road to Success

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We expect to see passion in entrepreneurs, small business owners, and freelancers – these people are following their dreams to own their own business doing what they love most. Passion is what drives them morning, noon, and night to work hard, talk about their business often, and go out of their way to make their business successful. But what if we saw passion in employees of larger companies and even enterprise corporations?

Brand Ambassador

The inspiration for this article comes from a series of photo shoots we’ve done with one of our clients. We have been building a media library for this large company, so we’ve had to visit several of their locations, from Tampa, to Orlando, to Concord, North Carolina. One thing that we’ve noticed – every person we’ve encountered throughout our visits to these locations has been incredibly helpful, knowledgeable about their company, and passionate. They have helped us develop an extensive media library by guiding us through their processes, explaining many of the inner workings of their organization so we gain a better understanding of what images and video we need to create, and informing us of shots we may have never realized we needed. Their hospitality has been incredible – we expected to be greeted and then left to our own devices, but what we received from each person who assisted us was a personal tour guide and brand ambassador. We were impressed.

Passion – A Part of Company Culture

What we began to notice is that each person in this company exceeded our expectations – in essence, they were acting like business owners rather than employees by demonstrating the same passion an entrepreneur would. This is something that we have always believed in theory, but never has it been so thoroughly supported by direct empirical evidence. What it boils down to is employee empowerment. Empowering your employees instills in them the same passion for the business as the business owner, and it is a direct result of the culture that you create within your organization.

How to Instill Passion in Company Culture

There are many ways to create a culture of passion and ownership. Here are just a few:

  • Give people access to the decision-making process
  • Provide spaces that facilitate collaboration and make sure managers are collaborative with their employees
  • Autonomy is an important part of ownership – make sure people have autonomy in as many aspects of their work and even their schedule as possible
  • Community – establish a tight-knit community within your organization – bring people together to get to know each other, make them feel at home, make sure that executives mingle often with the rest of the organization’s employees, make sure people have fun in addition to working hard
  • Training and education – offer thorough education about the organization, history, etc, and commit to updating that education frequently; offer training and courses so people have opportunities to learn more about their jobs and build upon their job skills; offer resources for further education
  • Hiring – if you keep in mind company culture during the hiring process, you will ensure to bring on employees that share a passion for your business, will thrive in your company, and take advantage of the education and training that you offer
  • Be loyal to your employees – they will reward you with the same

These are just a few ways to introduce people and programs that will create a culture of passion. They are easily applicable to smaller organizations, but employing them on a larger scale is more difficult. We know it is possible and have seen it in action, but it requires company-wide participation – it won’t be successful if everyone is not on board.

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