Ginger Galloway podcast guest

An Agency Story podcast welcomes Ginger Reichl

I recently had the opportunity to share my professional journey on the An Agency Story podcast, hosted by Russel Dubree. This podcast series offers a platform for agency owners to discuss their experiences, challenges, and successes in the dynamic world of marketing and advertising.

Basically my “origin story”, we covered my career trajectory and the evolution of Pinstripe Marketing over the past quarter-century. I began by recounting the initial spark that ignited my passion for marketing, offering insights into a few formative experiences that shaped my professional path.

The conversation explored my early career, highlighting pivotal moments and decisions that contributed to my growth as a marketing professional. This retrospective approach allowed me to reflect on the foundation upon which Pinstripe Marketing was built and how it has adapted over time.

Russel and I engaged in a lively discussion about the challenges and triumphs of agency ownership, touching on topics relevant to both established and aspiring agency leaders. The podcast episode not only provided a historical perspective on Pinstripe Marketing’s 25-year journey but also offered valuable insights into the realities of #AgencyLife.

Russel is a great podcast interviewer and we had fun chatting about all things #AgencyLife

This appearance on “An Agency Story” podcast offered me a special opportunity to reflect on my career, share lessons I’ve learned along the way, and hopefully inspire some young people interested in the marketing and advertising field.

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