AP Stylebook now includes social media terms

I remember the day I got my first AP Stylebook. I was the newly hired Advertising & Media Relations Director for a very large law firm, when my assistant came into my office, took inventory of all of the supplies left behind by my predecessor and made a list of all the things I would need. About a week later, she arrived with a box of pens, pads of paper, folders, WordPerfect for Dummies (they’re probably still using WP), and other office supplies.

And then she handed me the latest AP Stylebook.

Oh sure, I had used other stylebooks before – Chicago Manual of Style, Strunk & White’s (of which I got my 50th Anniversary edition last year!) – but for some reason, I wanted to tuck this book under my pillow at night.

Here we are a dozen years later and it’s still the standard. The team recently made the updates to include social media terms.

Read the list on Examiner!

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