3/50 Project

Buying Local – The 3/50 Project

Yes indeed, times are tough. Turn on the news and there is a tidal wave of bad news about the economy. The government is “bailing out” companies that drove themselves into the ground, and unfortunately, will do it again.

So it is up to us.

The 3/50 Project is a grassroots effort to encourage us to spend our money with local businesses.  Unlike most ‘buy local’ campaigns, this one is absurdly simple. Select three local business (ones that would totally bum you out if they were gone) and spend $50 a month with them.  Not $50 each – just 50 bucks a month.

Here is the gist from the 3/50 Project web site:

• Spend $50 per month in locally owned businesses. If half the employed U.S. population did so, it would generate more than $42.6 billion in revenue.

• For every $100 spent in locally owned businesses, $68 returns to the local community. When spent in a big box, chain, or franchise, $43 remains. Purchases made online return nothing.

As a business owner, I’ve always tried to support local companies, but recognize that I still buy from Amazon, Home Depot and chain restaurants pretty frequently. I will commit to spending at least $50 more a month with local businesses. THESE are the ones that deserve our money. This can be OUR bailout. Do your part. We can’t afford to lose them.

Here are my suggestions for some extra St. Pete love:

Bob Lee’s
Bowled Restaurant
Cupcake Spot
El Cap
Embellish Boutique
Haslam’s Book Store
Hook’s Sushi & Thai
One Lucky Dog
Page by Page book store
Paper Presence
Red Mesa Restaurant
The Pier (including The Columbia)
Pinstripe Marketing (of course!)
Putnam’s Hardware
Rogers Dry Cleaners
Saturday Morning Market