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Case Study: Landis + Evans Logo Redesign

The choice to rebrand a company is a tough one. There are many factors to consider, including SEO on the current name, the company history, and recognition by existing clients and the industry. Even though it may seem like a monumental move, in our experience it has always worked out beautifully. Landis + Evans was no exception. With lots of planning and thoughtful consideration on their part and some sleek design on our part, the results were a modern, polished logo suite that brought.


After going through an internal renaming process, Landis + Evans’ marketing director asked us to help redesign their logo. The original was clearly outdated; even the colors were lackluster and needed refreshed. However, the new leadership wanted to keep certain elements of the old logo to maintain the legacy of the original company. This included the colors, so we had to work those in to the new color palette somehow.

This is the original logo. The client wanted to keep the blue and green, plus incorporate the “S” shape into the new logo.

Logo Redesign

Our designer started by toying with the “S” path-like shape in a variety of ways, incorporating some fresh new blues and greens to replace the loud, brash blue and green from the original logo. During the discovery meeting, we heard words like energy, professionalism, dependability, quality, stability, innovation, long-established, expertise, diverse experience, results, timeliness. The client also said, “we make our clients look good, give them trust and confidence, and we make their job easier.” It’s key phrases like these that we keep in mind during the logo design process.

We also keep in mind major competitors, current clients and projects, and the industry as a whole. After the discovery meeting, the resulting logo sketches went through a couple rounds of revisions to get to the final suite shown above.

Logo design is both an art and a science, so we must toe the line between the two in order to create marks that define companies and usher them into the future. This is why we have so many steps to the process. A good bit of discussion and research is involved in the initial phases (the science part), before we get to the sketching and color palette (the art part).

Pinstripe has worked with companies, large and small, to develop the perfect icon for their brands. Contact us if you are considering rebranding – we can help you with every step of the process.