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East-West Shrine Game Wrap Up

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Saturday, January 21, 2017, marked the 92nd annual East-West Shrine Game and Pinstripe’s sixth year managing the advertising, social media, public relations, media credentials, pre-game and much more. While preparation for the game takes a couple months, the week leading up to it is an action packed time for us, and we love every moment of it!


Kicking off the week with a visit to the Shriners Hospitals for Children – Tampa with four busloads of all-star football players, coaches, team managers and other staff is incredible. We couldn’t think of a better way to remind ourselves and these young rising star football players what the Shrine Game means.

Monday am – We start the day by visiting the Game Office at the Tradewinds Hotel on St. Pete Beach. We check in with the staff there, pick up the most up to date rosters and practice schedules, and just say hi to all of our wonderful colleagues that make the Shrine Game possible.

Monday lunch – We collect and organize all of our media interview requests for the players and coaches. These have been arriving via text, phone call, email – any method the press can connect with us, they do! Our goal is to make sure the press gets what they want, but also that the players get exposure for the week – they’ve worked hard to get here and deserve some recognition for that.

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Monday afternoon – Head over to Shorecrest Preparatory School football stadium, where the East Team practices. We set up our media table, where we distribute rosters, schedules, and check-in writers, photographers, and videographers who are approved for credentials to access the practice field and press box at the game. We even hand out mints and sunscreen, because we’re just thoughtful like that. You’d be surprised at how many people take advantage of both. We take photos and video of practice and post to all social accounts. After practice we pull players aside for in-person interviews with media, and give them instructions for radio and interview call-ins they will need to do in the evening. Later in the afternoon, we head over to St. Pete High football stadium for West Team practice, where we do the same thing that we did with the East Team.

Monday night – We all meet to go over media requests, recap the last two days, look at photos/video, and make sure we’re on track for the rest of the week. The whole team is always checking in with each other to make sure all bases are covered and to see if anyone needs help with anything.

Tuesday – Thursday – These days are much like Monday – we attend practices, connect with media, and make sure that social is alive with photos, updates, and fun, interactive posts to keep our fans engaged and make sure they can follow what is going on. Some of the players’ families are not able to attend the game, so our posts are their way of seeing what is going on during the week.

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Thursday, Friday, Saturday mornings – Prior to the week, we booked morning shows for the executive director of the game and the Shriners Hospitals patient ambassadors, so we attend these morning shows for support and guidance, as well as to connect with the patient ambassadors. This is our first time meeting them and it is always a pleasure!

Friday evening – We attend the banquet! The Shriners, players, coaches, and the Shrine Game team come together at Tropicana Field for a night filled with food, awards, and celebration. The executive director of the game, Harold Richardson, presents the Pat Tillman Award. Pat Tillman was a professional football player who walked away from the game after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 to join the U.S. Army and fight for our country. After just three years in the NFL, Tillman turned down a multi-million dollar contract offer from the Cardinals to enlist in the U.S. Army. He was killed during a mission in Afghanistan in 2004. This year the award, which recognizes the player who best exemplifies character, intelligence, sportsmanship and service, went to Air Force safety, Weston Steelhammer.

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Saturday – GAME DAY! Although kickoff is at 1pm, the Pinstripe team is at The Trop at 10am to set up the press box, go through the production schedule with the Rays video team, and get ready to provide last-minute media credentials at will call. We manage the pre-game pageantry, in-game video and graphics, half-time show, sideline photography, press statistics, MVP voting, the final game press releases, and more! It feels like we fit a month of work into a single day that lasts well into the night. It is a tremendous sense of satisfaction as we look out over the dark, empty Tropicana Field where just a few hours before, a hundred young football stars burst onto the field to play for their futures, for their families, for many of their own reasons, but most of all, for the millions of Shriners Hospitals for Children patients who benefit from the game.


Spotlight On: Nikki Devereux, Project Manager at Pinstripe Marketing

spotlight nikki devereux marketing design Nikki became an invaluable asset to the Pinstripe team the day she started at the agency. Her skills match the project management role – intelligent, organized, friendly, insightful – but we hit the jackpot with her numerous talents, not the least of which include photography and videography. She sees challenges from different angles and opportunities from an artist’s perspective. Clients love her and so do we. Read her spotlight and you will too!

Nikki Devereux

Project Manager

Pinstripe Marketing

St. Petersburg |

What inspired you to pursue a career in a creative field?

I grew up an artist and that natural inclination has always been a huge force in my career choices and everything I do.

What do you like most about marketing?

I love that my work in marketing, especially at Pinstripe Marketing, allows me to use my wide variety of skills. As an artist, I like to be very creative and use my mind in that way, but I am also very analytical and love problem solving – I studied engineering for a few years in college and I actually enjoy math, so I still like to exercise that part of my brain as well. Working in marketing gives me the variety and freedom to do it all. I shoot and edit video, write articles and other content, and manage web design projects. So many creative outlets plus analytics all wrapped up in one position!

What challenges does your industry face?

People are inundated with advertising and marketing every day. Recently I attended an event about inbound marketing and the speaker was talking about how we’ve “been bad” as advertisers and marketers. We’ve interrupted people’s lives, family time, and relaxation time to sell products. Now it’s time to give back and stop “being bad.” People are tired of us, but it’s not too late to change that. Inbound/content marketing is one way to start being better.

How do you measure your success?

As long as I’m learning, I feel like I’m successful. I don’t set monetary goals or goals of status – I always want to keep moving forward in everything I do, and the best way to do that is to devour information. I am constantly learning new things about video, photography, artistic techniques, design, and marketing. As long as I can continue to learn and improve my craft, I feel that I am successful in my work. My education is passed on to my clients and informs my art – I do a better job at everything when I keep up with it.

What do you think is the biggest mistake companies make when working on marketing projects?

I think that it’s a huge mistake to think “I need new printed collateral” or “I need a new website” without thinking about the larger picture. When you “need something new” take a look at your entire marketing campaign. Each piece is a part of a symbiosis, and if they’re not working together, you’re wasting your time and money. We always try to steer clients in the direction of thinking about the whole rather than just individual pieces. We want our work to be effective, not just a one and done deal that has no lasting effects on the brand.

What is the most interesting trend you see in marketing?

The current trend is and has been inbound marketing. It’s interesting to me because it really fits my style of relating to people. I am not an in-your-face, salesy kind of person – I like to give. Whether it’s lending an ear, teaching, informing, or helping, that is my preferred way of interacting with people. Inbound marketing allows me to do this in an organic way, and in this way we gain people’s trust.

How has technology helped/hindered your work?

I’m not sure that I can say technology has hindered my work – definitely there are applications and software that have helped make many things quicker, easier and more automated. The thing that I always try to keep in mind is never to resist technology. That means you’re losing your game, getting rusty. A new technology comes on the market, embrace it and learn it as quickly as you can. It may or may not remain viable, but you will be as long as you’re not afraid of change. With technology, and many facets of life, you have to flow like water. When you resist like a rock, you break things, other people, yourself, and your flow.

How do you stay on top of your field?

I love learning, so I am constantly reading industry news, books, and taking courses related to marketing, art, photography, design, and video. I am the Director of Communications on the board of the Society of Marketing Professional Services Tampa Bay (SMPS), and they offer webinars and other educational events that can be pretty enlightening. I take courses in design, art history, and project management on Coursera – there is a wealth of coursework from top-notch universities on the site. I’ve taken some really interesting courses there.

What marketing resources do you recommend? (Books, magazines, web, etc.)

Fast Company is great for just about anything cutting edge, whether it be art, music, design, film, environmentally friendly design, architecture, and even infrastructure. It’s a great resource for anyone in a creative field. American Advertising Federation’s newsletter is full of good advertising industry stuff. Joining local marketing organizations or your local small business association is a great way to keep up with people and learning. St. Petersburg has the St. Pete Greenhouse, which is a wealth of info and education for small businesses and entrepreneurs in the area.

What are your hobbies?

I go to the beach, I cook, do yoga, go to the gym, run with my dog, travel, road trips, I like to go to salvage yards and make stuff with the materials I find, hike, kayak, outdoor activities, river trips, badminton with friends, concerts, art museums and galleries.

Favorite food?

I LOVE FOOD. But I guess if I have to choose – Vietnamese and Indian

Last book you read?

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series and The Hours – all SO GOOD

Pinstripe Marketing Project Manager Nikki Devereux Named Director of Communications for Society of Marketing Professional Services (SMPS)


St. Petersburg, Fla. – (September 14, 2016) – Pinstripe Marketing project manager, Nikki Devereux, has joined the Board of Directors as Director of Communications for the Society of Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) Tampa Bay. Her role will include working with the board to promote and plan educational events and networking events, as well as promote the overall organization through marketing and communications strategy.

“The new board has already made great strides in working together and the previous board members have helped make the transition smooth,” said Devereux after the Strategic Planning meeting. “We have a lot of great ideas and creativity happening during our meetings, so this is an exciting time for us.”

SMPS provides members in architecture, engineering and construction industries with opportunities for education, networking and career development. The organization’s work with and for these industries aligns perfectly with Pinstripe Marketing’s mission to provide a full suite of marketing services to professional services organizations.

Devereux brings a variety of skills to the table, including photography, videography, content writing, and public relations knowledge, which she will be putting to use during her tenure at SMPS Tampa Bay as Director of Communications. 

About Pinstripe Marketing

Pinstripe Marketing, Inc. is a full-service advertising, marketing and communications agency specializing in service-based organizations including law, healthcare, education, architecture, construction, engineering, non-profits and more. Services include marketing plan development and implementation, advertising, collateral design, event planning, media buying, web design, video production and public relations. For details about Pinstripe, please visit

About SMPS Tampa Bay

The Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) Tampa Bay is the only organization in the Tampa Bay area devoted to providing members in professional services industries with opportunities for education, networking with other A/E/C professionals, and career development. By organizing presentations, panel discussions, socials, coffee meet-ups, and educational webinars, SMPS Tampa Bay hopes to serve the best interests of its members. Learn more at


The Power of Color

Tampa Bay advertising agency, graphic design, web design, brochure design, newsletter design, logo designDid you know that color can evoke emotion and affect your decision-making? Did you realize that it is a powerful non-verbal communication tool?


Color is so prolific, it even affects the way you spend your money. Nearly every color used in the logos and campaigns of the well-known brands you see every day was painstakingly chosen using data from research teams, theorists, and focus group testing. Color is not an afterthought in advertising. It is one of the most important considerations for a brand, as it can evoke so many subtleties in perception that it may end up being the determining factor of success for a company. Even the seemingly dismissible variation in a dusty blue versus a navy blue may steer perception in the wrong direction and sever communication. Color is everything. It is everywhere.


Even the absence of color is a profound statement; the minimalist’s white canvas with black text speaks volumes with seemingly so little. Over the years, trends have come and gone, but the grace and elegance of black and white has remained steady. Other elemental colors have taken a firm position in the psyche as well – red is associated with stopping and may trigger alarm, blue is soothing and evokes trustworthiness and dependability, yellow is energetic and cheerful, and green can signify freshness or eco-friendly principles.


While these colors have deep roots in our media-saturated world, new shades and variations of our primary colors are created every day. Artists mix colors and experiment with complimentary hues, designers create logos with variations on the foundational red, yellow and blue. Beautiful shades of color line the walls of every paint store, and artists’ palettes are virtually unlimited. Pantone has even started a Color of the Year campaign, in which a color is chosen based on the perceived cultural essence for a particular year. The colors of the year for 2016 are Rose Quartz and Serenity. The choice is based on cultural and economic cues that consumers are seeking respite from the stresses of daily life, and softness of the two colors – even the names Rose Quartz and Serenity – indicate a meditative, calming effect that seems to be exactly what people are craving. Read more about Pantone’s Color(s) of the Year.

Tampa Bay advertising agency, graphic design, web design, brochure design, newsletter design, logo design

People love color, people communicate with color. It is a driving force in design of all kinds, from home décor to advertising, and one of the few crucial threads that runs through every aspect of our lives, connecting everything around us. Can you remember a time when color affected you, your decisions, or your mood?


Check out this fun color palette creator that lets you experiment with different color combinations and share your creations with the community.


Another great site for Pantone color connoisseurs.

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Instagram Multiple Accounts – App Feature to Change Your Social Life

Tampa Bay social media management agencyFor years, it has been common for people to have multiple social media accounts that they interact with on a regular basis, from Facebook to Twitter to Snap Chat to Instagram. More and more frequently, people also have multiple accounts within a single social media app. For example, I have multiple Twitter accounts that I manage, four or more Instagram accounts, and several pages on Facebook for which I am an administrator. Hootsuite has made it simple to schedule and manage posts for Twitter and Facebook from one place, but Instagram has been the problem child for some time. Each time I wanted to post to a different Instagram account, I had to log out and log back in with the new account, which became frustrating and time consuming. I searched for apps that could alleviate this bump in my social media flow, but nothing stood out as especially helpful, and most didn’t solve my main issue; logging in and out of Instagram on my mobile device.


Instagram must have felt the pressure coming from users like us who are tired of logging in and out on mobile in order to manage multiple accounts. The new multiple account feature does just that – it allows you to stay logged in to several accounts with a simple drop down menu that gives you the freedom to switch between them. This simple, elegant solution makes perfect sense and is a game changer. Below is a step-by-step tutorial on how to use the new multiple account feature.

Start by logging into your account on your mobile

To add an account, tap the settings gear next to your account name

Tampa Bay social media management agency

Scroll down to the bottom of the settings page to Add Account. (If you do not see this option, you may need to update the app.)

Tampa Bay social media management agency

Type in your username and password and your account will be added.

Tampa Bay social media management agency


Once you have a second account, go to your profile page and tap your username at the top which will show a drop down menu to switch quickly between accounts and the option to add additional accounts.

Tampa Bay social media management agency


Simple as that. Thanks, Instagram!