Day in the Life of a Working New Mom

Nikki Bromley

I love reading a good “Day in the Life” story. I’ve always found it interesting to see how people spend their time, and especially now with the pandemic changing our lives so much. So, I decided to write one of my own to illustrate how going back to work in the midst of a pandemic […]

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Quick Tips: Save Time When Working from Home

Tampa Bay graphic design and advertising agency

by Michael Premo, Senior Content Manager More people are working from home than ever before. The team at Pinstripe Marketing have been doing it for years and truly appreciate the flexibility it gives us. But, there are things at home that occasionally keep us from doing our work efficiently. That’s why we need to be […]

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Quick Tips: How to Manage Expectations and Reduce Conflict When Working from Home

Tampa Bay marketing

by Michael Premo, Senior Content Manager During this unprecedented time, millions of Americans have been ordered to work from home. Sure, we’ve all had to work from home for a day or two, but not weeks on end. Plus, the kiddos were always in school, so there were far fewer distractions. All of it just […]

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Quick Tips to Stay on Track with Your Marketing Resolutions

Tampa Bay marketing company

by Michael Premo, Content Strategist It’s so easy to lose motivation on those marketing resolutions made in January. Problem is that so many things are working against us that we just can’t keep up. This year, you can change that by using a few tips we’ve learned over the years. Start by Keeping It Simple […]

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