Lawyers: Post successes at your own risk

The Florida Bar has thrown a monkey wrench into legal marketing once again. Web sites have been treated as ‘information upon request’ for years, but the Supreme Court has decided that they must now comply with the advertising rules. Recognizing some of the confusion the new rule has caused, the Bar requested a six month moratorium on […]

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Florida Bar gets it right with social networks

The Florida Bar Association surprises me on a regular basis… but rarely in a good way. Over the last couple years, there has been a lot of discussion in the legal marketing community about client testimonials – those that appear in directories like Avvo and social networks like LinkedIn. The rules on advertising prohibit testimonials, […]

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Try social networking – for business and pleasure

Social Media social media marketing

Almost everyone in business has heard how important it is to “network.” But for many people, the idea of making the rounds at the local chamber of commerce luncheon isn’t at all appealing. Now, thanks to online social marketing, it’s easy for anyone to make hundreds (if not thousands) of contacts. Whether or not you’re […]

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