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Building Client Centric Plots When Writing Content


The book 20 Master Plots and How to Build Them came at the perfect time for us. Over the last couple of years, content writing has become more about the story and less about “keyword stuffing.” As we discussed in a previous article, during this time Google has learned how to read and distinguish between a well-written article with useful information and an article that is written solely for the purpose of capturing Google’s own attention. The reason Google does this is because it wants the user to find the most relevant content for the terms they are searching. A happy user is Google’s ultimate goal and should be yours as well. These are your prospective clients.

masterplotsFor this reason, content writing is about conveying pertinent, useful, interesting information to your readers. What better way to capture your current and prospective clients’ attention than by making them the heroes of your story? This is the direction we’ve taken in the last couple of years, and it’s working. We have seen firsthand that stories about people are more engaging and generate more traffic. Make the client the protagonist, tell a great story, and you captivate people. This is why 20 Master Plots and How to Build Them arrived on our bookshelf at the perfect time. We needed some solid story-telling background.

The essential point that Tobias makes in the book is that plot is not merely a skeleton or a framework that supports the story – it is an integral part of every single aspect of the story, such that it cannot be removed, lest the story disintegrate into nothing. There are two encompassing, general plots, which can then be broken down into many more, of which Tobias discusses twenty. The two plots are:

  • Force = power, strength, physicality = body = tragedy = forza = action
  • Fraud = wit, cleverness, mentality = mind = comedy = forda = mind

Of the 20 plots that Tobias discusses, we thought that two were most useful for content writing – action and adventure. If we apply these two plots to content writing for business, it will assist us in organizing our content into more compelling stories that draw readers (potential clients or referral sources) in and urge them to read more. Note that although we would love to be the hero, let’s face it, the client is always the hero, so move over and let them shine.

One of our personal favorites is the plot where the client has a lofty goal and while they are trying to achieve that goal, an obstacle is set in their way. The client’s team is then challenged to overcome the obstacle in order to reach their goal. Of course, the story isn’t satisfying if there is complete failure, so we avoid those (remember, always make the client look good!), but when the protagonist is challenged and claims victory, this is exciting for everyone involved, and the story is more interesting. This is the kind of story everyone tells at the water cooler on Monday morning. It’s a good story because it gives people a thrill. Affect people’s emotions and you will reach them on a more personal level.

If you are writing content for your business or your clients, we recommend reading 20 Master Plots and How to Build Them to derive some interesting insights into weaving stories into your content. Sometimes it is difficult to come up with interesting, captivating content, so this may be just what you need to spice up your writing and give you a fresh perspective.

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Tips on Using the Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress

yoast_newsThe Yoast plugin for WordPress is an incredibly useful tool that helps you improve SEO on your website. If used properly, in conjunction with great writing and relevant content, Yoast will assist in increasing the findability of your website and blog based on your chosen keywords for each page. Below are a few tips to maximize your use of Yoast.


  • Nothing can replace excellent writing and content. Google has somehow, incredibly, learned how to distinguish bad writing from decent writing. When you are creating blog posts and content for your website, “keyword stuffing” no longer suffices for Google. Not to mention that you gain potential customers’ trust when you deliver well-written, great content. If you publish nonsense, a well-informed customer will detect your “keyword stuffing” technique, and everyone else will simply think you are not to be taken seriously. Content marketing is no longer an option – it’s a necessity, and creating or curating excellent content is the crux of it.
  • The Yoast fields are found below the body of your blog. The tabs are General, Page Analysis, and Social.
  • The focus keyword serves as a guide only. When you enter the focus keyword, it has no effect on the page you are creating. It simply gives Yoast a way to assess the SEO on your page based on your chosen target keyword. This will assist in your writing process, as Yoast uses this keyword to score your SEO and make recommendations on how to improve it for that page.
  • Check the Yoast Page Analysis periodically. It will keep you on track and urge you to refine your writing according to your focus keyword.
  • Make sure to fill in your meta description at the bottom, and include your focus keyword in that description. This is an easily overlooked field, but Yoast will remind you if the keyword does not appear here.


Yoast is not a difficult plugin to use. It can be powerful if applied properly, and it is unparalleled in functionality. We use it for all of our clients’ blogs, and with the help of Yoast, we have created successful content marketing campaigns that drive website traffic, and, more importantly, return on investment.

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Pinstripe Architects New Site for OT9 Design

OT9 Design - Florida Architecture FirmOT9 Design, a Florida-based architecture and interior design firm focuses on contemporary, sustainable buildings and was in need of a new website to highlight their portfolio. Pinstripe Marketing was selected to design a custom website to showcase their work.

ipadOT9iphoneOT9The new website,, gives visitors access to the firm’s growing portfolio, as well as details on services and expertise in architecture and interior design. The website is visually bold, easy to navigate, and serves as a valuable resource to demonstrate the talent of OT9 Design’s seasoned architects. To showcase the wide variety of successful OT9 Design projects, the site is segmented into categories for architecture, interiors and sustainability – with samples of work for each one. The firm’s professionals have a passion for working with new technologies like augmented reality, detailed on the Technology page. Be sure to check out the What’s New page to see what the talented team is up to!

All of our clients are intelligent and talented, but we particularly enjoy working with architects because they have the perfect balance of analytics and creativity. They appreciate good storytelling and intuitive design, and often give great feedback during the development process. We like to think that they are smarter versions of us!

We look forward to seeing the OT9 portfolio grow as they continue to develop unique solutions for their clients’ architectural challenges.



  • Custom WordPress web site design and development
  • Responsive web site to render on phones, tablets and other mobile devices
  • Bold photography and architectural renderings to highlight projects


* And yes, we know “architects” is not a verb. You have to know the rules to break them, right?

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Yerrid Retains Pinstripe Marketing Web Development Team

Tampa Bay web design
In legal circles, Steve Yerrid is an intimidating name. He and his team have won numerous multi-million dollar verdicts and have been involved in many headlining cases, including Florida vs. Big Tobacco, the BP oil spill, and the Skyway Bridge disaster. The Pinstripe team was commissioned to design a custom website that is inviting and user-friendly, while showcasing the firm’s vast history of success.

The Yerrid Law FirmTampa Bay web design is a state and federal civil trial firm. Consisting solely of trial lawyers, the firm represents individuals and their families in areas ranging from personal injury, wrongful death, medical negligence, product liability, premises liability and maritime to complex commercial litigation matters.

Tampa Bay web designOur web team developed an attractive website that highlights Yerrid’s extensive qualifications, impressive expertise and remarkable success along with the personalities of the people who work there. A content-focused design with a simple design that allows family members of those in pain find what they need quickly.

The Yerrid Law Firm advocates for justice for their clients.  Pinstripe Marketing created a tailored site just for them.


  • Custom WordPress web site design and development
  • Responsive web site to render on phones, tablets and other mobile devices
  • Bold photography to highlight the professionals

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Pinstripe Launches New Web Site for Macfarlane Ferguson & McMullen

Macfarlane Ferguson web design
We are excited to announce the launch of a new website for Macfarlane Ferguson & McMullen, one of the oldest law firms in Florida. The new site,, illustrates the firm’s legacy, allows visitors to quickly find a lawyer with several search options, and provides the firm with a tool to keep their audience up-to-date on their latest news.

MFMiphone5-black-whiteThe key objectives of the project were to highlight the skills, talent and experience of their lawyers with a nod to their rich history and role in developing the Tampa Bay region.

“We are as proud of our current lawyers as we are of our firm’s history and the legacy of our founders,” said Ansley Watson, Jr., the firm’s managing partner. “This site allows us to highlight each attorney, their practice areas, background and achievements. It is a showcase for the professionals our clients rely on every day.”

With research assistance from the St. Petersburg Museum of History, the home page slider features photos that date back to 1890, including early downtown Tampa and Clearwater, Port of Tampa, local courthouses, and locations that now bear the names of the firm’s founders. Bob Thompson was hired to photograph each of the lawyers for new, more modern portraits in spaces throughout the firm’s offices.

“We are fortunate to have a firm of Macfarlane Ferguson & McMullen’s caliber in our market,” said Ginger Reichl, president of Pinstripe Marketing. “It was a pleasure working with the lawyers and staff who clearly understand the importance of a site that is informative, easy to navigate, and responsive to the various mobile platforms their visitors use. I am proud of our work and the collaboration of all who contributed to the project.”


  • Custom WordPress web site design and development
  • Custom post type to drive attorney bio pages
  • Links to automate presentations and publications on lawyer bios
  • Responsive web site to render on phones, tablets and other mobile devices



Founded in 1884, Macfarlane Ferguson & McMullen is one of Florida’s oldest law firms. With more than 42 lawyers in offices located in Tampa and Clearwater, clients throughout the U.S. rely on the firm for counsel in a variety of practices areas including corporate, bankruptcy, environmental, health care, labor and employment, real estate, tax, wills, trusts and estates, and litigation. Client industries include accounting, agriculture, automotive, banking, construction, entertainment, health care, hospitality, insurance, manufacturing, real estate, retail, utilities and more. Additional information about the firm is available online at

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