Evie Larson

Celebrating the Pinstripe Women: Evie Larson

In celebration of Women’s History Month, let’s meet our Creative Director, Evie Larson, the mastermind behind so many of our favorite designs.

Favorite quote:
Be You. The World Will Adjust.

Inspiring woman you look up to and why:

On a personal level — Aunt Nancy Haggard
She has been and continues to be my north star. A go-getter, a high achiever herself, she’s taught me how to strive for the best I can be in my personal and professional life. She always offers the best motherhood and career advice too. And she’s also the one who sets me straight when I need a reality check!

A fellow artist — Mishou Sanchez
Mishou is one of my absolute favorite friends. She’s also an artist and designer I really admire. She constantly reminds me not to be afraid of color. Mishou has been the spark, the inspiration behind my home decor, and one I consult with on projects. Her design style is strong, bold and aggressive (in an exciting and positive way, of course!). I also admire her honesty, her individuality, for she is truly uniquely herself and her charisma and laughter are infectious!

Who I Admire from afar — Michelle Obama
Regardless of politics, this is an undeniably impactful woman for many, and definitely for me! I read and find inspiration in her quotes when feeling challenged, when facing adversity in my professional life. I admire her confidence, her composure and how she carefully speaks her mind while not being afraid of what people think.

Words of advice:
It ties into my favorite quote above. My advice — be true to who you are. Love and accept yourself, truly and deeply.

Best advice I ever received:

In my design career – “Never ask for project feedback on a Friday afternoon” ha!

In motherhood – “Your kid will take after you.” That is so true! Your kiddo is ALWAYS watching like a hawk, so lead by example.