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Cushman & Wakefield brokers anchor Southern Train

cwband_newsIn public relations, we work diligently to build relationships with the media to generate great business stories for our clients. We sit with our clients to learn about their business, their clients, and trends in the industry to find the interesting stories to pitch. And once in a while, they’ll mention something in passing that makes us say, “wait a second, tell me more about that!”

That was the case during one of our meetings at Cushman & Wakefield. In between meetings with the brokers, someone mentioned that a couple of the guys in the office were in a band playing at the Tampa Margarita Festival that weekend.

How fun!

A couple of the others worked at different commercial real estate firms.

Now that’s a story!

The Pinstripe Marketing public relations team pitched the story to the Tampa Bay Times and they put it on the cover of the Weekend section.

Real estate band becoming hot property in local rock landscape

We know it isn’t about the latest land deal, the sale of a downtown high-rise, or a big-time tenant moving to the area with a major lease. It’s a lifestyle feature story to highlight their professionals in an interesting, personal way and to get the Cushman & Wakefield name in front of people who many never read the business section. The majority of our efforts are focused on getting them positive press about real estate, but every once in a while, a story about a World Cup watch party or jamming after hours is icing on the cake.