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Your business has grown from a glimmer of an idea into an impressive enterprise, and you deserve to be recognized for it. It may have been a group effort, and you may be reluctant to highlight your individual achievements, but this award is good for your business. Winning is as much for your team as it is for you.

Few business accolades carry the level of prestige and name recognition as the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year® Award. You are a successful entrepreneur who demonstrates inspiring vision, leadership, and passion – traits that Ernst & Young seeks to recognize through its annual awards program in Florida.

Pinstripe has extensive experience developing nominations for EOY and managing the following public relations opportunities.


Tampa Bay entrepreneurThe nomination is the most critical portion of the process. The Pinstripe team will work with you to develop a compelling application and prepare you for the live interview. This phase includes:

  • Managing the Entrepreneur Of The Year application, which includes collection of all company information and financials, development of the four essay topics, and submission of the form
  • One-on-one meetings with the nominee and collaboration with members of the leadership team to answer the essay questions
  • Preparing the nominee for the panel interview with judges

Tampa Bay public relations firmIf you are selected as a finalist for the award, we will work with your team to supply the appropriate collateral to Ernst & Young and to promote your success. The Pinstripe team will:

  • Manage the collection and submission of company video footage, logos, photos, and other requested materials
  • Write and distribute a press release and manage media relations
  • Develop an ad to be placed in the Smart Business program distributed on the evening of the awards gala
  • Prepare the nominee for a video soundbite that is shot at the event

Tampa Bay Entrepreneur of the Year nomination helpAnd then we will help announce your big win! This phase includes:

  • Writing and distributing a press release.
  • Managing media relations
  • Developing an announcement to your colleagues and clients

For more information about our EOY support services, please contact Ginger to discuss your application.