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Federal judge rules Florida Bar rules on lawyer advertising violate First Amendment

I’ve been working on legal marketing and advertising for more than 13 years, and one of my biggest frustrations has been the Florida Bar rules regulating lawyer advertising. I understand that advertising is relatively new to the profession, and some hucksters have gone overboard in their unseemly ads, but the majority of law firms simply want to communicate what they do, what makes them different, and how they can help their clients.

A Florida federal judged ruled that the Bar’s rules violate lawyers’ First Amendment rights. The Bar’s lawyer recommended that they do not appeal the ruling, stating, “This is very conscientious, smart judge, and it is a well-reasoned opinion.”

We’re anxious to read the Florida Bar’s communications on the subject and are cautiously optimistic about the wave of creative and compelling advertising to come!

You can read the entire 41-page ruling.