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Ginger Reichl presents at SMPS marketing bootcamp

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Sound off! S M! Sound off! P S! The Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) is an association of communicators dedicated to serving the A/E/C (architecture, engineering, and construction) industry. I have had the pleasure of presenting to the SMPS Tampa Bay Chapter several times, and they always make me feel like one of their own. Their latest event was a half-day “marketing boot camp” covering all six domains of the Certified Professional Services Marketer (CPSM) training and certification program. I also covered the 5th domain, Promotional Activity. Since this group has heard my presentations about branding, marketing 365 and online reputation management, I developed a new workshop focused on the human elements of marketing.

How many more social media presentations can we sit through? I know I’ve given my fair share. And let’s face it, architects and engineers aren’t typically ‘early adopters’ so we end up dragging them kicking and screaming anyway. In a marketing landscape that purports to be more ‘social’, we’re all hiding behind our computer screens.  While there is likely nothing new in my Human Elements presentation, there are a lot of good reminders about how we can leverage the personalities of our people, use some ‘old school’ marketing techniques, and get face-to-face with our clients.

I was honored to join these talented professionals who covered the other five domain presentations:

  • Stephanie Thoresen, CPSM, Senior Business Development Representative, USA Environmental
  • Ann Schiola, CPSM, Marketing Director, Finley Engineering Group
  • Charles Colley, Director – Business Development, a5
  • Betty Schaefer, Marketing Coordinator, George F. Young, Inc.
  • Michael Boccuti, Director – Sales and Marketing Systems Skanska USA

If you are interested in having me speak to your company or organization about this or other marketing topics, feel free to contact me!

Hoo Rah!