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How to Make Your Website Pages Sticky

If you want to increase traffic to your website, it needs to be “sticky” by providing content that keeps visitors engaged. A sticky site will also have more conversions, and visitors will be more likely to share your content.

Bounce Rate

Google uses your website’s bounce rate to determine what ranking you have on any given search engine results page (SERP). Google’s bounce rate determines the average time spent on your site. This metric is used to determine content relevance. The more time someone spends on a page of your website, the more relevant it appears to be to Google.

Google wants the best user experience possible, so page relevance plays a big part in arranging which sites appear at the top of a SERP. That’s why making your pages more sticky is so important.

Tips on Sticky Pages

A sticky page is one that visitors spend more time on because the content is useful or interesting to them. This requires good, professional content that provides value to their everyday lives. It also has to be engaging and fit their lifestyle or business. Here are some tips to make your pages more sticky.


  1. Images / Graphics

People tend to get overwhelmed when they see a lot of text. If your pages are text-heavy, you should break them up with images or infographics. Visitors to your site make assumptions about your brand through its appearance. Yes, people do judge a book by its cover. That’s why it’s so important to use high-quality images representing your brand in authentic ways. Suggestions: Photo Shoot, Infographics, Illustrations, and Graphs.

  1. Video

Even producers of podcasts realize that people want to watch as much as hear the information that’s being discussed. The trick to using video is that it needs to be embedded in the page, so visitors don’t have to leave the website to go to YouTube or somewhere else. Also, there’s a lot that goes into creating a video, so having it done professionally will enhance your brand image. Videos are great for product information, description of services, as well as interviews with experts. Suggestions: Video Production and Podcasts.

  1. Instructions / How to…

Some of the stickiest pages on your site will be the ones that describe how to use a product or service. If you have a professional service, such as a doctor’s office or law firm, these types of pages are incredibly helpful and keep visitors engaged even if they are text-heavy. Suggestions: Free Guides, Manuals, and Services Section.

  1. Interactive

An interactive page is sticky because people are taking the time to comment on a blog post or ask questions. You’ll need to curate the comments section to avoid conflicts and heated arguments. Interactive features enhance the experience, making it a memorable one. Suggestions: Comment Section, Surveys, and ChatBots.

  1. Keep It Updated

Last year’s news is no longer news. That’s why it’s essential to update older pages to reflect current issues and changes in standards or practices. Businesses must stay on top of things so our audiences will be well informed. Suggestions: Combine Older Pages into One Page, Update Pages, and Evergreen Content.

Whether it’s to improve navigation or the overall user experience, Pinstripe can create videos, blogs and optimize images for your website. We can also take professional photos and assist you in setting up a studio for recording vlogs and podcasts. Contact us today to find out how we can help you overcome other challenges associated with search engine optimization.