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Instagram Multiple Accounts – App Feature to Change Your Social Life

Tampa Bay social media management agencyFor years, it has been common for people to have multiple social media accounts that they interact with on a regular basis, from Facebook to Twitter to Snap Chat to Instagram. More and more frequently, people also have multiple accounts within a single social media app. For example, I have multiple Twitter accounts that I manage, four or more Instagram accounts, and several pages on Facebook for which I am an administrator. Hootsuite has made it simple to schedule and manage posts for Twitter and Facebook from one place, but Instagram has been the problem child for some time. Each time I wanted to post to a different Instagram account, I had to log out and log back in with the new account, which became frustrating and time consuming. I searched for apps that could alleviate this bump in my social media flow, but nothing stood out as especially helpful, and most didn’t solve my main issue; logging in and out of Instagram on my mobile device.


Instagram must have felt the pressure coming from users like us who are tired of logging in and out on mobile in order to manage multiple accounts. The new multiple account feature does just that – it allows you to stay logged in to several accounts with a simple drop down menu that gives you the freedom to switch between them. This simple, elegant solution makes perfect sense and is a game changer. Below is a step-by-step tutorial on how to use the new multiple account feature.

Start by logging into your account on your mobile

To add an account, tap the settings gear next to your account name

Tampa Bay social media management agency

Scroll down to the bottom of the settings page to Add Account. (If you do not see this option, you may need to update the app.)

Tampa Bay social media management agency

Type in your username and password and your account will be added.

Tampa Bay social media management agency


Once you have a second account, go to your profile page and tap your username at the top which will show a drop down menu to switch quickly between accounts and the option to add additional accounts.

Tampa Bay social media management agency


Simple as that. Thanks, Instagram!