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Cushman & Wakefield Multifamily Practice in the News

Tampa Bay real estate PRCushman & Wakefield’s capital markets practice is among the most successful in the country, helping clients buy and sell investment properties including apartment and condominium complexes. While multifamily construction has been outpacing single family homes, and both domestic and foreign investors are showing more interest in the market, the Pinstripe PR team has had success offering their professionals as sources for capital market stories.

Here are a few recent clips featuring Byron Moger, Executive Director, Capital Markets:

Pricey, posh, tiny apartments rule Tampa Bay’s big-money rental boom in the Tampa Bay Times

The housing bust “changed a lot of people’s perspective on home ownership. … They’re thinking it’s certainly not the piggy bank it was, and they feel like there’s less incentive to tie one’s self down,” said Byron Moger, a multifamily executive director for commercial real estate brokerage Cushman & Wakefield. “They’re paying a little more, but the lifestyle is better for them and the trade-off is worth it. … It’s as much about lifestyle as economics.”


Luxury condos go from recession doom to boom in the Tampa Bay Times

The few condo developers today cater largely to the upper crust: Bliss, an 18-floor tower proposed for near St. Petersburg’s Beach Drive, will offer nothing below $800,000. Some of the new luxury apartments rising around the bay area might also get converted to condos if prices continue to soar.

“It’s in the back of the minds of developers building high-rise rentals, for sure,” said Byron Moger, executive director of Cushman & Wakefield’s multifamily advisory group. “But the prices have to get to the point where they make sense. And we’re probably not there yet.”

Foreign real estate investors funnel millions toward Tampa Bay as South Florida market overheats in the Tampa Bay Times

Commercial brokers said the stream of foreign cash toward Tampa Bay will likely continue as investors, both foreign and stateside, look for dollar signs outside the “sexy six”: New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Seattle and Washington, D.C.

As competition in those gateway markets for real estate has intensified, financiers have turned toward cities like Tampa, where the investment stone has yet to be squeezed dry.


Apartments, condos get a bigger piece of the construction pie in the Tampa Bay Business Journal Byron Moger, an executive director at Cushman & Wakefield, said most of the new construction is in apartments rather than condominiums. Empty-nesters, young professionals and immigrants are adding to the population of renters in Tampa Bay.

Some of the shift can also be attributed to new conditions in post-recession Florida. “People no longer look at houses as storehouses of value with lots of potential appreciation,” Moger explained. “Plus it’s harder to buy houses — you need more down payment. Sometimes a lack of liquidity makes it easier for people to rent.”


The Cove sells for $50 million at auction in the Tampa Bay Business Journal “This sale was always meant for auction,” Moger said. “The transparency in the process is very important to the seller. Anyone who’s qualified can bid. It’s live online. Someone might complain afterwards, but it’s right there in front of you. You could’ve hit the button [to raise the bid]. The other advantages are the certainty that it will sell and the high probability that the sale will close.”


Multifamily has local real estate market hopping in the Tampa Bay Business Journal


Cushman & Wakefield announces two Pinellas apartment transactions in the Tampa Bay Business Journal


Brandon apartments trade for $52.7 million in the Tampa Bay Business Journal

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Facebook Introduces Save Feature

Save Facebook storyWhen I woke up my computer this morning, I had 12 tabs open in my browser. The bank, job management and time tracking, Google calendar, Salesforce, a web site I’m editing, a YouTube video … and SIX Facebook pages – my timeline and five stories I want to read.

Not the most efficient way to manage to my to-do list.

We’ve all been scrolling through Facebook and come across a few things we’d like to read or watch, but it just isn’t the right time or place. Today, Facebook launched a new bookmarking feature that allows users to save posts to read later. No more sharing to to the ‘Only Me’ setting!

Like most Facebook tools, it isn’t perfect (Graph anyone?) but I think it will quickly become one of the most useful. Right now, the saves are limited to links, places, music, books, movies, TV shows, and events only from the newsfeed. You can’t go to a profile or page and save any update you like.

You can also save entire pages – like Pinstripe Marketing – bookmarking those you want to visit and review several posts at once instead of those you happen to catch in your newsfeed.


Facebook save feature

Find your saved items in the left navigation column

Find Facebook Saved Items


After you have read your saved items, simply click the X in the top right column to archive it. From the archive list, you can choose to un-archive or permanently delete an item. Easy peasy.

Over time, I’m sure I’ll be whining about not having a search feature, or that the advertising algorithms are using my save data to target me (those darn advertising people…) but for now, I think (and I’m sure my husband is hoping) this will seriously reduce the amount of time I scroll through Facebook, ultimately getting sucked into the whirlpool of articles and videos and other links throughout the web.



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Pinstripe Launches New Web Site for Macfarlane Ferguson & McMullen

Macfarlane Ferguson web design
We are excited to announce the launch of a new website for Macfarlane Ferguson & McMullen, one of the oldest law firms in Florida. The new site,, illustrates the firm’s legacy, allows visitors to quickly find a lawyer with several search options, and provides the firm with a tool to keep their audience up-to-date on their latest news.

MFMiphone5-black-whiteThe key objectives of the project were to highlight the skills, talent and experience of their lawyers with a nod to their rich history and role in developing the Tampa Bay region.

“We are as proud of our current lawyers as we are of our firm’s history and the legacy of our founders,” said Ansley Watson, Jr., the firm’s managing partner. “This site allows us to highlight each attorney, their practice areas, background and achievements. It is a showcase for the professionals our clients rely on every day.”

With research assistance from the St. Petersburg Museum of History, the home page slider features photos that date back to 1890, including early downtown Tampa and Clearwater, Port of Tampa, local courthouses, and locations that now bear the names of the firm’s founders. Bob Thompson was hired to photograph each of the lawyers for new, more modern portraits in spaces throughout the firm’s offices.

“We are fortunate to have a firm of Macfarlane Ferguson & McMullen’s caliber in our market,” said Ginger Reichl, president of Pinstripe Marketing. “It was a pleasure working with the lawyers and staff who clearly understand the importance of a site that is informative, easy to navigate, and responsive to the various mobile platforms their visitors use. I am proud of our work and the collaboration of all who contributed to the project.”


  • Custom WordPress web site design and development
  • Custom post type to drive attorney bio pages
  • Links to automate presentations and publications on lawyer bios
  • Responsive web site to render on phones, tablets and other mobile devices



Founded in 1884, Macfarlane Ferguson & McMullen is one of Florida’s oldest law firms. With more than 42 lawyers in offices located in Tampa and Clearwater, clients throughout the U.S. rely on the firm for counsel in a variety of practices areas including corporate, bankruptcy, environmental, health care, labor and employment, real estate, tax, wills, trusts and estates, and litigation. Client industries include accounting, agriculture, automotive, banking, construction, entertainment, health care, hospitality, insurance, manufacturing, real estate, retail, utilities and more. Additional information about the firm is available online at

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Pinstripe Sponsors July Legal Marketing Association Meeting

Tampa Bay Legal MarketingTampa Bay legal marketing professionals will hear about a re-imagined sales process at the local Legal Marketing Association’s July meeting, sponsored by Pinstripe Marketing. Selling legal services can be a challenge when a client doesn’t have a pressing legal issue or urgent legal problem. The pressure to sell can sometimes look like “solutions in search of a problem” instead of first learning about a client’s vision, strategy and big picture.

Tracy LaLonde of Akina will address a key trend in legal business development and discuss “lawsulting” – business consulting and legal advising – the practice of packaging and sharing critical insights, knowledge and wisdom to generate new business leads and motivate clients to take action. Wisdom selling gives lawyers and law firms a tangible way to accelerate revenue, build a sales pipeline and develop authentic client relationships that out-behave the competition.


Thursday, July 24, 2015

11:30 a.m – 1:00 p.m.


Bank of America Plaza

101 East Kennedy Blvd.

8th Floor Conference Room

Tampa, FL 33602


Members – $20

Guests – $40


Register to attend

About Tracy LaLonde
Tracy LaLonde helps lawyers and law firms develop business. With a background in professional development, adult learning and marketing, she helps lawyers to become business partners with their clients. With an emphasis on clients’ needs, issues and opportunities, she has helped several hundred lawyers generate millions in business through Akina’s coaching and training offerings. Prior to joining Akina, Tracy worked in professional development in three law firms, and before entering the legal industry in 2000, she helped computer programmers become consultants in the high-tech industry as a skilled training facilitator.

About the Legal Marketing Association
The Legal Marketing Association ( is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to serving the needs and maintaining the professional standards of the men and women involved in marketing within the legal profession.

About Pinstripe Marketing
Pinstripe Marketing is a full-service advertising and communications agency specializing in promoting professional services firms. Pinstripe’s services include strategic planning and implementation, marketing communications, advertising, event planning, media buying, web design, and public relations. For more information, please visit

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Cushman & Wakefield Gets World Cup Fever

Even our most buttoned-up clients can’t resist World Cup fever. When the US Team played their final game in the first round of groups at noon on a Tuesday, employees across the country came down with cold. But many companies hosted viewing parties to celebrate the team, and the Tampa office of Cushman & Wakefield was no exception. The Pinstripe public relations team invited WFLA News Channel 8 and Fox 13/My Fox Tampa Bay to visit the office and chat with some of the brokers as they cheered the team to… a tie.
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