Jeff Zampino

Pinstripe Alumni Profile: Jeff Zampino

As part of our special 25th anniversary series, ‘Where Are They Now?’ we’re catching up with former team members who left an indelible mark on Pinstripe’s legacy. Today, we’re catching up with Jeff Zampino, a pivotal member of Pinstripe’s early days. In fact, Jeff designed the original Pinstripe Marketing logo that we’re still using today!

What are you doing now?

After 20+ years in Florida, I moved to Sin City, land of slot machines and Carrot Top. I continue to freelance as Type Monkeys Graphic Design. I also work as a set/prop designer on feature films, and I am currently raising funds to produce my own film based on my screenplay, Cracked Aces, set in the Vegas poker world.

What was your favorite project/client while at Pinstripe?

I have many fond memories of Pinstripe. My favorite work project at Pinstripe was SPOT Spay/Neuter Clinic, where we were literally herding cats (and dogs) during the photo shoots. WC Fields said, “Never work with animals or children,” but I never laughed so much at work as I did on these days.

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My favorite semi-work projects were our famous April Fool’s Days – getting fake tattoos, Tamara “winning” the lottery, and especially filling the office with baby goats (the pictures from that day helped me land my wife, Meg!)

Any favorite, fun, or interesting memories?

Favorite non-work memory? Going with the gang to “Medieval Times” a jousting show, with Lyndsey and Tamara trying to get the knights to give them multiple roses as we all ate turkey legs.

Medieval Times


What lessons did you learn that you’ve used since leaving Pinstripe?

One of the most important lessons I learned while at Pinstripe was about the importance of communication. We were a small group, which meant we each wore many hats, so communication was vital.

Even though we are at a point in time where communication is the easiest, it seems almost impossible. So, answer that e-mail/text (the whole thing, not just the first question)! Go! Do it. Now! I’ll wait.

Jeff Zampino

Working at Pinstripe was wonderful, and I think about it often. I remember working at Ginger’s house, then our office on Central, sometimes uncharacteristically long lunches at the beach or pier (we perfected remote working pre-COVID!) The whole gang was so much fun to work with, and I miss them all!

Come visit in Vegas! Happy 25th Pinstripe!