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Pinstripe Alumni Profile: Nikki Bromley

As part of our special 25th anniversary series, ‘Where Are They Now?’ we’re catching up with former team members who left an indelible mark on Pinstripe’s legacy. Today, we’re delighted to shine a spotlight on Nikki Bromley, a cherished member of the Pinstripe family. Join us as we reminisce about their contributions, celebrate their successes since departing, and take a stroll down memory lane.

What are you doing now?

I am a first-year graduate student in the Clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling Program at USF.


What was your favorite project/client while at Pinstripe?

There were so many fun projects. One of my favorites was a video I did with Shorecrest Preparatory School. It was my first video with the Pinstripe team, and we had such a good time. It was a really creative process, with lots of brainstorming and “meeting of the minds.” We wanted it to be fun but to carry a serious message – that this is one of the best schools in St. Petersburg, and kids get the best education possible here. We got to be on campus filming the kids in school, and it just brought me back to when I was in school.

I also loved working with St. Petersburg Endodontics. Their team felt like family to me. We did a video with them, so we were in their offices all day for a couple of days. You really get to know your clients better when you spend that much time with them.

And then there is Leixir Dental Group. We helped them build their brand from the ground up, so that was a really fun and exciting process. They chose to be daring and trust us with some unique color palettes and fun branding items. Not every client is willing to step outside their comfort zone, and Leixir was willing to do that. It’s always more exciting when you have creative freedom and trust.


Any favorite, fun, or interesting memories?Tampa Bay video production

I always loved the way we celebrated Christmas. We would take a day and just go galavanting around St. Pete, making people’s days. We would go to breakfast, and Ginger would tell us to choose a table to pick up the check. We would go shopping for toys and self-care supplies and drop them off at nonprofit organizations. It was such a fun day to be together and to give back to the community in different ways.

I also loved when we would travel for clients. Once, we went to North Carolina, and of course, we had an amazing barbecue dinner while we were there, and as we were driving around we saw so much beauty. We also recently visited the Kennedy Space Center for a video shoot with a client, and that was a blast!


What lessons did you learn that you’ve used since leaving Pinstripe?

Public speaking and networking are so important and unavoidable (yes, I tried to avoid them for a long time). I don’t think I would have become so used to networking if I hadn’t been at Pinstripe. I was challenged to step outside of my comfort zone with both public speaking and networking, and it has made me a better communicator in addition to a better business person. And this will follow me for the rest of my life. No matter what field I’m in, networking and public speaking will be applicable and essential. I’ve already started flexing my networking muscles in the mental health field by attending conferences and presentations in the area, and I am better and more open to public speaking than I have ever been in my life.

Tampa Bay PR firm for architectsI will also say that despite the fact that I am not a designer, I learned so many different design software applications while working with Pinstripe, and this has helped me create some beautiful presentations, so I’m thankful for that. An eye for design and the ability to do some light design work when in a pinch is always a good skill to have.

And last, my work with Pinstripe was so much about being organized and efficient. Project management combines organization with budgeting and time management. Those things are invaluable to any work, but particularly right now, as I’m juggling a full course load for graduate school, project management is an essential skill and has made this much easier.