Tamara Whittaker, Pinstripe Marketing

Pinstripe Alumni Profile: Tamara Whittaker

As part of our special 25th anniversary series, ‘Where Are They Now?’ we’re catching up with former team members who left an indelible mark on Pinstripe’s legacy. Today, we highlight Pinstripe’s very first employee, Tamara Whittaker. From my spare bedroom to our first office in downtown St. Pete, Tamara was there from the beginning!


What are you doing now?

Tamara Whittaker

I am currently the Head of Communications at Jenoptik, a publicly traded global technology group that reached over one billion euros in 2023.

What was your favorite project/client while at Pinstripe and why?

Google, Kleenex, Velcro, Band-Aid, Chapstick, Popsicle, etc. There are a few more but the number of brand names that have become nouns to everyone is not extensive. So to have the opportunity to work with Xerox was special for me as a marketer.

Xerox Corporation challenged Pinstripe to develop a channel marketing campaign to support a community of Xerox business partners. There was a total of 100 value-added resellers (VARs) to whom we provided co-branded materials that consisted of a brochure, email campaign, and a web-based survey with incentives. The survey data was provided to the VAR with actionable sales information, and results from all resellers were aggregated and sanitized to provide Xerox with an analysis of the state of the marketplace. It was a tremendous amount of organization, one of my first big projects, and I can still say that I helped market a 100+ year-old Fortune 500 company.

Any favorite, funny, interesting memories?

Ah there are so many, and Jeff took a few in his spotlight that I still share with people today. To just share one, I’d have to say seeing Michael J. Fox speak at a conference and later that evening we danced the cupid shuffle with Scooby and Shaggy (one of my favorite cartoons), found out that Butterbeer in fact has no alcohol in it (way too sweet for my liking) and kissing Shrek (Fiona got a little upset) was a really fun day.

What lessons did you learn that you’ve used since leaving Pinstripe?

Pinstripe was my first job after earning my B.S. in Marketing from USF and Ginger was and still is a mentor that taught me a lot. To this day, I literally run my team meetings and track activity the same as we did at Pinstripe. No one I have worked with since has been able to demonstrate a better or more efficient way of managing a high volume of projects. The list can go on and on but I’d say the most important lesson that helped advance my career is the importance of being connected. Communication is everything. Making connections with people, both internal and external, in a company is everything in any role in order to be successful.

Anything else?

Through Pinstripe I had the opportunity to meet and network with a lot of people (“I know Ginger”) as well as be introduced to Ad2 Tampa Bay. It is these life changing experiences I cherish and has helped me get to where I am today in my career. Thank you Ginger!