Bellator is a team of smart, no-nonsense people who land somewhere between business consultants and venture capitalists. They invest not only dollars, but their talent and knowledge in companies in which they see potential. They help boost these companies with their expertise, drive, and confidence.

Bellator connected with Pinstripe at the ground level of building their brand, so we had the opportunity to create their logo, website, and other branded collateral. During our interactions with the Bellator team, we were able to paint a picture of their personality and that of their company – it is this empathic sense that allows us to create designs that are truly tailored to each client.























Part of this suite of marketing materials was a Powerpoint deck that they would use to present their ideas to prospective firms they were interested in helping build. The deck is sleek, interactive, and no-nonsense, just like the Bellator team. The Pinstripe design team demonstrates our understanding of our clients with pieces like this.