Big Frog Custom T-Shirts is a printing franchise that places emphasis on teamwork and family. The central corporate team offers an excellent support system through training, coaching, and marketing programs, with direct access to the founders of Big Frog. In addition, each year they hold a sales conference where franchisees receive further training and have the opportunity to network with each other in a tight-knit community. The Big Frog franchisees are much like family, and their annual sales meeting is reminiscent of a family reunion.


Big Frog’s CEO came to Pinstripe with the idea to film their annual sales meeting, to capture the energy, the fun, and the camaraderie. During our first meeting, so many great ideas were tossed around, so much passion and excitement was generated, that we ended up planning out three videos, including an intro to the culture of Big Frog, with the event as the centerpiece of the video. The other two videos were interviews with the franchisee’s showcasing their passion for what they do and the amazing support system that Big Frog offered their franchisees.