Cott Corporation (NYSE: COT) is one of the world’s largest beverage companies with the largest volume-based national presence in the North American and European home and office bottled water delivery industry and a leader in custom coffee roasting and blending of iced tea for the U.S. foodservice industry.


When the $2.3 billion company sold their traditional soda and shelf-stable juice business, Cott came to Pinstripe to give the brand a fresh look for the new direction of their business with a focus on healthy beverages like water, coffee, and tea. Starting from the ground up with creating a new, more modern logo and color palette, Pinstripe ushered Cott through the rebranding process and has helped the company create a whole new personality; it is entirely fresh and most would not recognize the brand except for the name.

After creating a beautiful new logo and color palette for the firm and finishing off with their brand style guide, we went to work on their website. We showcase their data, news releases, and other important investor relations information in a much more organized and approachable manner.

Here is the before and after of the Cott logo, for starters:


As the new brand evolved, Cott realized that they needed a whole new name, and they decided to transition to a new logo and name. Therefore, we assisted Cott in their second rebrand. The Cott logo that we developed was transitional and we worked with their team to create a logo for the new name, Primo, that maintained some features of the Cott Water & Coffee Services logo.







































We also created a new stationery suite to show off the new logo and elegant branding.






















The Pinstripe creative team had the pleasure of developing an image and a video library. We spent several days shooting various subsidiaries’ locations to create an extensive media library. Below are some samples of imagery we captured for the Cott media library.


Head shots are an important part of any team’s website, so we photographed the Cott staff to build out their Leadership page for the website.


We also created new signage for their office and both new logos. We worked with one of our sign and trade show partners to come up with two signs to adorn the corporate offices in Tampa.


















































































Cott asked us to create a video for the home page of their website that showcases their business and wide range of products. We used footage from the media library we built for the new video.