Healthesystems’ mission is to simplify complexities for each of their customers. They seek to transform healthcare by facilitating a connected, informed, and simplified experience. By pushing traditional boundaries of workers’ comp to uncover untapped opportunities for medical cost management, they set themselves apart from the industry. Improving the quality of care while reducing overall medical costs should go hand-in-hand. This belief is reflected in Healthesystems’ solutions. Their innovative technologies are rooted in deep clinical expertise and advanced data analytics. The core values of integrity, customer-centered service, team-centered culture, quality, and innovation are evident in everything they do. To learn more about Healthesystems visit their website at


Healthesystems wanted to celebrate their pharmacists for American Pharmacists Month. We decided to tell the story of pharmacy with an animated video that showcased the history of pharmacy through a timeline.


We created several social media posts for Healthesystems for a variety of campaigns, including content development, image sourcing, and design.


We worked with Healthesystems’ executive leadership team to develop a comprehensive crisis communication plan. The plan detailed all internal and external communications, stakeholder roles, messaging, and step-by-step strategic plans for several types of emergencies and crises.

The Pinstripe public relations team conducted several discovery meetings with Healtheystems’ leadership in order to fully understand business operations, clients, and organizational structure. We simulated each potential situation internally with our public relations team to ensure we were capturing as many points of view as possible. This allowed us to create a detailed guide for the organization to follow if an event were to occur.