One professional service that usually surprises people is our work in the death industry. We understand the unique challenges of creating communications for funeral homes, crematories, and cemeteries.

Nestled in the northwest corner of the Tampa Bay area, Heartwood Preserve honors and protects the wonder of nature while memorializing the lives of those we hold dear. It’s a place where end-of-life decisions are made in harmony with nature and the ecology of a beautiful and unique habitat is protected. In keeping with this mission, the preserve provides options for green burial and the burial of cremated remains.

We worked with Heartwood to create a logo and style guide for this brand new company, plus a website, stationery package, and marketing collateral. Later, after the business was established, they brought the Pinstripe team in for a strategic planning charette to add some of our creative ideas to the mix of their ideas. We love that they take time for strategic planning and looking toward the future!

First, we started with their logo and brand style guide. The executive director of Heartwood Preserve is incredibly passionate about the natural Florida land that makes up the preserve. Natural Florida flora is not all palm trees and plumeria flowers. It consists of several types of pines and smaller, bushier palm varietals. One thing you’ll find a lot of on the Heartwood Preserve grounds is pine cones. This symbol of wisdom is perfect for their logo and we love the beautiful, hand-drawn element of the mark.























We carried the natural greens and browns across the website, incorporating lots of organic textures for a warm, comforting feel. Their content is informative and they feature lots of photos, so we added a gallery so visitors may view the beauty of the preserve before they ever set foot on the property. We loved working with their beautiful nature photography that showcased the grounds and the subtle, organic color palette.

We worked with Jennifer Brown of Into Nature Films to capture the stunning landscape and the animals that call it home to create the attention-grabbing home page video and b-roll for additional videos and media use including this seven-minute feature on PBS about the cemetery.

Tampa Bay funeral marketing
















Our final task was to create a suite of print collateral, including business cards, letterhead and envelope, and a brochure. We loved their paper selection that fits their natural mission – recycled Neenah Environment papers with gorgeous texture.

heartwood stationery suite