Hillsborough Kids was the organization that managed the foster care system in Hillsborough County. The Pinstripe team was charged with updating the visual identity, creating an advertising campaign to recruit new foster parents, and managing public relations initiatives including crisis communications and media training the CEO.

To begin the project, we collected and reviewed all of the communications the organization was using, including their current logo and its existing usage to determine best practices and make recommendations for consistency across the organization. In some cases, the existing materials were approved as “templates”, while others were changed or discarded as part of the organization’s approved visual identity.

We determined the logo could be refreshed instead of going through a comprehensive redesign. The K in the original logo was pulled out to be an icon and the text was simplified.

We also crafted key messages that addressed the variety of audiences. The key messages became the cornerstone of all future communications, and gave us a touchstone to ensure that every piece of marketing created going forward was on strategy and told the same story. This process included a meeting with the primary writer and select members of their team where we asked a variety of questions, sought clarification, and identified the audiences and the compelling messages for each. We reviewed and revised the Hillsborough Kids tagline to reinforce those messages.

The new ‘Faces of Foster Parents’ campaign was driven by these key messages as part of a recruitment campaign to develop new foster families. The campaign included television, radio, digital, print, and outdoor.


































“Pinstripe Marketing was recommended to me by a colleague to help with our organization’s marketing materials, including our logo, colors, branding guidelines and print ads–which desperately needed a make-over. They did not disappoint! The Pinstripe team was spot-on with their talent, marketing expertise and service they provided. I highly recommend any business to begin a professional relationship with Pinstripe and take their brand to the next level.

Elaine Speer, Director of Community Relations
Hillsborough Kids, Inc.