Kokolakis Contracting is a commercial contracting firm located in Tarpon Springs, FL, with additional offices in New York City and New York State. Founded in 1972 by John Kokolakis, the firm provides services in pre-construction, cost estimating, value engineering, construction management, design-build, general contracting, and building maintenance for an array to market segments.

“Building a company with a culture of honesty, integrity, and accountability, created by people passionate about their work. Forging relationships by being a problem solver, owner’s advocate, and placing customer satisfaction above all else.” –  Joseph Kokolakis, President


First, we tackled the logo. They wanted to modernize the logo to create the image of who the firm is today, so, we took the original logo and reinvented it. One of the more significant changes was the modern color palette. It was definitely a departure from their old logo and the construction industry in general. In the end, they chose the bold color palette over the traditional blues and grays. Their team has embraced the change and is emblazoning it upon everything they can.

logo redesign



Once we completed the logo, stationery was next. They chose a fairly classic look, and used Moo.com to print some of the business cards. These cards are super thick and have a beautiful orange-red layer in the center that you can see from the side of the card – the perfect complement to their bold card design.

kokolakis contracting logo design_newsletter

We printed the stationery in spot color with local printer so we could be on-site for press checks because that orange-red just needed to be “spot” on. Orange is a tough color to match, so it was important that it matched in order to be true to their new brand.


Kokolakis Contracting is one of those clients that we just can’t wait to see. We realized this when we did head shots with a whole group of the Tarpon Springs office staff, including president Joe Kokolakis, at the beautiful old Florida Brewing Co. building (currently home of the Swope Rodante law firm) in Ybor City. We had a blast! Afterwards, the whole group went out to dinner and insisted that we come along. I guess that makes us part of the family.


Every construction company needs safety gear, and Kokolakis was excited to show off their new logo on all of their hard hats and vests. Pinstripe was the proud recipient of some gear as a result of filming on their construction sites for their video.

















Kokolakis needed a new video to go along with their beautiful new website and logo. Pinstripe filmed on location at some of their current projects and used some existing footage to create an illustrative video showing the Kokolakis process and completed projects.