Leixir Dental Group is a world-class, global dental lab network and training partner providing dental service organizations and private practice dentists with the necessary resources to grow. They are leading the charge in the digital dentistry revolution by striking the right balance between innovative technology and traditional, time-tested methods and craftsmanship. Their domestic and international labs— Global Centers of Excellence—have full-service capabilities to meet the unique demands of DSOs and clinicians nationwide. Aside from their premium dental lab solutions, Leixir Dental Group offers a proprietary intra-oral scanner training curriculum and white-glove service to take their clients’ organizations to the next level.

Leixir Dental Group came to us at an exciting time for the organization – when they were ready for a rebrand and to launch a brand new user-friendly website showcasing their digital and training solutions. Our first task was to develop the logo and brand, which is always an engaging process where we delve into the heart of the organization. After the rebrand we went on to create a website, marketing collateral, photography, and public relations.


We took a deep dive with the Leixir Dental Group leadership team during a Discovery Meeting to understand their history, goals, and imagine their future. During this meeting, we learned that the team’s mission was to “change smiles.” We loved that their mission was so human centered and their leaders were so passionate. When we presented the logo sketches, we kept some of the legacy elements from the original logo, but added the mosaic tooth to indicate the mosaic of labs all over the world that come together to make Leixir Dental Group.

The font selected for the typeface in the logo is one of the legacy elements we preserved. It has a digital feel, while imparting a smooth and elegant continuity that complements the lines of the mosaic tooth. The color palette is a departure from the legacy palette. The sophisticated yet fun purples provide a beautiful, rich foundation for the brighter blues, with a fun pop of coral that is used sparingly in designs for highlighting ideas and adding depth to iconography.


We wanted the website to both showcase Leixir’s new branding and their array of digital solutions and educational offerings. The resulting website is a dynamic, sophisticated design that provides a smooth user-experience and multiple opportunities to engage with the many passionate members of the Leixir Dental Group team.


Leixir Dental Group also needed business card designs and sales and marketing collateral to complement their website and show off their new logo. Below is just one example of the many sales slicks and advertisements that we created for the Leixir team.



The Leixir Dental Group team needed an ad for a nonprofit program. They wanted to convey their mission and messaging with a large, beautiful image in this simple, straightforward advertisement.


Leixir Dental Group felt it was best to use authentic photos of their labs on their website, so the Pinstripe team completed photo shoots of multiple steps of the dental lab workflow as well as head shots of the leadership team. The result was dramatic, sophisticated images that set Leixir apart graphically.


Pinstripe designed several social media templates for the Leixir marketing team to use on their social media channels. These templates are used for announcements, event promotion, and educational promotion. Below are just a few examples.




The Leixir Dental Group team attends trade shows on a regular basis. They asked us to create a sleek design that would be ultra portable and easy to assemble. This gorgeous fabric display did the trick.