Situated on 18 acres of beautiful waterfront landscape, the Masonic Home of Florida offers comfortable living and exceptional care for Florida’s seniors. Residents thrive in an atmosphere of comfortable charm and lively activities, coupled with comprehensive health care that meets their physical needs. Physicians, thera¬≠pists, dentists, psychologists, podiatrists, and a wealth of other specialists design personal care programs that give residents maximum autonomy to preserve self-reli¬≠ance and healthy self-esteem.

The Masonic Home of Florida approached Pinstripe Marketing to develop a marketing plan to generate referrals and welcome new residents to the home.

Working with the Masonic Home staff and board of trustees, the Pinstripe team set up a variety of interviews to outline goals, gather information and insights about the organization, the target audiences, competitive landscape, and past and current marketing initiatives. In addition to staff and trustees, interviews also included residents, families, Masons unaffiliated with the home, and members of the surrounding community.

Based on the research, we drafted a comprehensive marketing plan with short and long-term goals along with an annual calendar to manage the tactics of the plan. The plan included:

  • Goals and objectives
  • Target audiences
  • Messaging
  • Tactics
  • Budget
  • Measurements














Tampa Bay nonprofit marketing agencyOver the years, the Pinstripe creative team has produced a variety of marketing materials for the Masonic Home of Florida, including a library of new photography, videos, brochures, advertisements in Masonic, healthcare, local, and senior publications, trade show displays, vehicle graphics, signage, promotional items, and fundraising campaigns.

Marketing the home is a unique challenge because historically it was only available to Masons and their families. Recently, the board of directors voted to accept non-masons on a private-pay option. Our goal is to have potential residents and their families schedule a tour of the home, because once they visit, they are sold on the warm welcome from the staff, clean rooms, fun activities, delicious food, and the rest of the beautiful facility on 18 acres on Coffee Pot Bayou.















Centennial Celebration

Masonic Home of Florida celebrated 100 years of care in 2019 which provided an opportunity to draft a special marketing plan that included a centennial logomark, advertising, direct marketing, events, and a special fundraising campaign.

Tampa Bay non-profit marketing

We worked with ADM Two to create this custom display in which donors who contributed $100 or more to the centennial campaign could sign and drop a mason’s brick. It was created to be mobile in order to travel around the state to various lodges and masonic events when it wasn’t featured in the lobby of the home.