Founded in 1923, Shorecrest is a coed, nonsectarian, PK3-12 independent school in St. Petersburg, FL. Shorecrest educates a diverse community of students to become lifelong learners in the pursuit of personal and academic excellence, physical well-being, creative achievement and the development of a commitment to social responsibility. Shorecrest graduates empathetic, independent thinkers who succeed at the university level, pursue their passions, and lead purposeful lives. Learn more at


Originally, the marketing director of Shorecrest decided to hire Pinstripe to help with public relations. As a newcomer to the St. Petersburg market, she wanted to leverage our existing relationships with the media so that she could focus on her strategy and getting to know her school and its market. She soon realized that the Pinstripe team was an indispensable supplement to her internal team and to the marketing strategy as a whole.



Shorecrest decided that they wanted to update their advertising campaign, to create advertising that drives their message home and showcases their amazing students. We took their tagline, “Be More,” and used it to its greatest potential.

Each ad in this series boasts a large, beautiful photo of a Shorecrest student engaged in some form of activity related to the multi-faceted, thorough education they receive. We brainstormed adverbs that provided a sense of story, such as “Be more passionate,” “Be more compassionate,” “Be more connected,” “Be more focused,” “Be more challenged.” We wanted readers to get a sense of the more esoteric aspect of the Shorecrest education, which, when combined with the challenging curriculum, shapes the talented, empathetic Shorecrest alumni.



































One thing was certain during our first meeting with the marketing director of Shorecrest about their new feature video – “we want tears.” Sometimes in film-making, you need to move people to tears to get your message across, and we knew that was the right approach with this video. The Pinstripe production team brainstormed with the Shorecrest team to come up with a plan.

We decided on a narrated film, so the Pinstripe team helped write a script that used Shorecrest’s tagline, “Be More,” to illustrate the many ways in which the school cultivates their students to be more. The script reads like a poem, has the rhythm of a song, and served as a guide for the storyboard that envisioned beautiful moments of teachers and students being creative, passionate, adventurous, and curious in their daily school work. The final video certainly did bring tears to many of the Shorecrest stakeholders, including leaders, faculty and parents who viewed it. Success!

Once the promotional video was complete, we launched into a series of videos enlightening the Shorecrest community about a fantastic capital campaign that would add the perfect centerpiece to their campus, a new building that would unite the campus, students and community. The TRANSFORM campaign was born.

The Experiential School of Tampa Bay is home to Shorecrest Preparatory School’s youngest students. Students may enter the Experiential School of Tampa Bay as young as 3 years old. The Experiential School educates young students in beautiful, open classrooms and outdoor spaces. Watch the teaser video we created to see for yourself the magic of the Experiential School.

The Pinstripe video production team also completed a series of videos showcasing a “Day in the Life” of a Shorecrest student. Below is “A Day in the Life of an Upper School Student.”