Local NPR listeners will recognize the name Trenam, Kemker, Scharf, Barkin, Frye, O’Neill & Mullis – a long-time supporter of the non-profit news and media organization. Founded in 1970 and one of the largest law firms in Tampa Bay, they were known as Trenam Kemker for years, but with their 45th anniversary celebration, they decided to shorten the moniker to Trenam. A new name needs a new brand, so they selected Pinstripe to provide a bright new image.

Reflecting the Trenam Code of Commitment was one of the key requirements of the new brand. The four triangles in the logo signify the four tenants in the firm’s code of client commitment: Understanding Your Business, Certainty,  Accessibility, and Deadlines.

“The decision to move to “Trenam” in our branding is a client-centric response to market tendencies and preferences, and is emblematic of a continuing transformation in the firm’s marketing and branding practices,” said J. Eric (“Tate”) Taylor, chair of the Executive Board of Trenam. “Recent updates to our website, offices, and now our name and logo, have all been aimed at aligning the firm’s shared commitment to our clients’ needs, objectives, and preferences.”

In addition to the new logo and color palette, Pinstripe worked with Trenam’s marketing team to create a new stationery package, e-mail communication templates, and other marketing collateral.





















Tampa Bay legal advertisingThe Trenam marketing team also leveraged Pinstripe to design ads, brochures, invitations and event collateral.

Because people often listen to an ‘outsider’ more than the in-house marketing team, they also asked Pinstripe to deliver a variety of marketing and business development presentations to their lawyers, including how to build a personal brand, business development strategies, and tips for improving their LinkedIn profiles.