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The benefit of printed brochures in the digital age

Tampa Bay advertising agency creating brochures

If you have personal contact with clients and prospects, your marketing arsenal isn’t complete without a printed brochure. As a reinforcement to a face-to-face meeting, this collateral can be as important as your online presence.

Brochures appeal to our tactile senses. You can touch them, write on them, put them in a drawer, and refer back to them. They’re a strategic leave-behind and give you an excellent reason to follow up with a client, increasing the opportunity for vital touch points. When well-written and graphically pleasing, brochures also have the power to leave a positive and lasting impression. Sure, they can be tossed. But they can’t be deleted or lost in a spam filter.

As good-looking websites have become widely available to companies of all sizes, printed materials can often be a differentiator in illustrating quality, competency, or longevity. Consider a pocket folder from your law firm with beautiful paper, interesting cuts, folds, and embossed treatments; a customized portfolio from an architect you’re considering to redesign your office that includes great photography; or the brochure for that new luxury car you have your eye on. These pieces feel good in the hand and separate those companies from those who do not (or cannot) invest in superior communications.

As long as live interaction remains relevant, so too will printed deliverables. Like business cards, brochures represent a personal and professional touch that technology can never replace.

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