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Quick Tips: Save Time When Working from Home

by Michael Premo, Senior Content Manager

More people are working from home than ever before. The team at Pinstripe Marketing have been doing it for years and truly appreciate the flexibility it gives us. But, there are things at home that occasionally keep us from doing our work efficiently. That’s why we need to be more aware of our time when we’re away from the office.

Mimic the Office

Your home is just like an open-plan office, filled with the same distractions and strains on your productivity. Research shows that open spaces don’t work—for collaboration or productivity. Though isolating and restrictive offices and partitioned workspaces provide the distancing required to stay focused and keep on task. Let’s take a look at some quick tips to save you more time when working from home.

Discover Your High Productivity Hours

We generally know when these are at work, but at home, those hours may be different. Once you figure them out, you’ll know how to structure your day.

Set Real Work Hours

Real work hours are typically when everyone is at work or bankers’ hours. But, there’s wiggle room when working from home. So, you should align your hours with everyone else while keeping those high productivity hours in mind.

Don’t Work in Your PJs

Even if you never leave the house, you should dress for work as if you were in an office. This gets you into the right mindset and ability to handle video conferences that simply pop up during the day.


Having a routine will prepare you for what’s next. A morning routine to start your day, as well as an afternoon routine to prepare for your family before they get home.

Set Alarms

Alarms will help you stick to your routine. In the office, people moving about can provide cues for lunch or the afternoon coffee break. At home, you’ll probably be more open to working through those times of day, even though it’s really important that you take them.

Take Breaks

Short breaks increase productivity. Walking away from your home office for five minutes will help you plan for what’s next.

Run Errands During Lunch Break

The best part about working from home is the flexibility it gives you. But, the errands you have to run may get in the way. That’s why it’s better to schedule appointments and run errands during your lunch break as if you were at the office. Stepping away during your day breaks routine and disrupts regular working hours.

Check-in with Coworkers More

Try to keep in touch with your team as much as possible. If you haven’t touched base as much as you would have in an office, then you should reach out and at least say, “Hello.” If you don’t, then every interaction will only be about business. This is where interpersonal relationships breakdown.

Stay Away From Social Media

It’s a colossal waste of time unless you’re managing an account for the business. Research has shown how the pull of social media during work hours kills productivity.

Having a flexible schedule gives us the work-life balance we need. Without it, we’re more prone to stress and other adverse effects that stifle productivity and creativity.

Successfully working from home requires a lot of patience, empathy and communication. At Pinstripe, we understand how difficult working from home can be. If you have any advice or stories to share, we’d love to hear from you, so send us an email.