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Simple Website Updates: Add a Survey on Your Home Page

The Value of a Survey

Your website is the most effective advertising tool you can have. It drives more traffic to your business and provides valuable resources for current and potential clients. Any additions or updates that you can do to improve the overall user experience will increase your visibility and credibility.

Did you know that more than 80% of the people that visit your site will base their first impression on the look and feel of it?

Simple changes can make a big impression. One of them is the addition of a survey to your home page. There are several things a survey can do, so it all depends upon what you are trying to achieve.

Improve the User Experience

For websites with lots of content, a survey can lead them to an article or page they want to see.

This circumvents any frustration that may arise while navigating your site. Another benefit is that the survey delivers a more personalized service to the user, and personalization improves the overall experience. Together, these build more credibility in your services, because if your website can do this, then they can also imagine that your firm is able to do even more.

How does it work? Surveys make people feel as though they are in control of the browsing experience. This sharply contrasts with pop windows, video advertisements and chat bots.


Increase Sales Leads

Potential clients don’t always know what they want, but they do know that they need help. Whether it’s getting more information or having direct contact with the right person in your firm, a survey can give them a sense of being in control. Plus, a survey improves your ability to collect personal information, which generates more qualified leads than a simple contact page. Chat-bots can’t do this, and may lead to more frustration for you and the user.

Surveys can be designed to begin with general questions then drill down to exactly what the user wants to know. They act as a guide for the user, while offering unique benefits for your business:

  • Valuable feedback
  • High response rates
  • Capture personal information
  • Improved user experience


Types of Surveys

There are three common types of surveys:

  • Widget – These small, unobtrusive surveys reside in the corner of a page or on multiple pages. When clicked on they open a form, giving users the freedom to provide feedback or find answers.
  • Pop-Up – Typically, this type of survey appears when a particular action occurs—called a triggering event. These surveys can appear anywhere on a site and reside in the background, so may clutter the page if you’re not careful.
  • Collapsible – Like the widget, the collapsible survey resides on a fixed page, but can be minimized if not needed. The user may use the survey after they are done reading a particular article and need more information.

A simple update, such as a survey, to your website can improve the user experience and generate valuable, qualified sales leads. Surveys are great for large websites with lots of information, as well as large firms with a variety of specialties. Whether it’s to improve navigation and overall user experience or help generate sales leads, Pinstripe can build the perfect survey for your website. Contact us today to find out which survey is right for your business and how we can build one for you.