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Social Media: What’s Your Strategy?

Social media is a key component of an effective branding strategy. More than just “social,” these communications must be backed by a sound marketing plan.

As with every marketing plan, you must determine what you want to accomplish via social platforms and who exactly you’re trying to reach. It’s not just about “Likes.” In fact, your target audience may not even be on Facebook.

You have to know where your customers and prospects are: Twitter? LinkedIn? Reddit? A combination? Your primary goals, after all, are lead generation and best positioning.

Once you’ve identified the best platforms for your message, you’re tasked to engage your audience regularly and consistently. One way to achieve this is by establishing yourself as a thought leader. Doing so satisfies readers’ needs for insights to overcome their toughest challenges.

Shape these conversations through real-world, relatable experiences. How has your business helped others tackle problems? How have your customers benefited from your product, service, or solution? How can you provide what no one else can?

This will go a long way toward generating potential leads and developing existing relationships. It’s a long-term commitment that’s vital to your overall marketing strategy.