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Doing well by doing good: Southeastern Guide Dogs



Pinstripe Marketing is proud to support Southeastern Guide Dogs, an impressive organization that provides highly skilled (and super cute!) dogs for the visually-impaired at no cost to the recipient. We were first introduced to them through friends who are ‘puppy raisers’ – helping with basic training and socialization during the puppy’s first year before they go back to campus for their skills training. To date, they’ve placed more than 2800 dogs in 30 years!

Southeastern Guide Dog programs include:

  • Paws for Independence – A program that matches highly trained guide dogs with visually impaired individuals, providing the gift of an independent lifestyle.
  • Paws for Patriots – This program serves active-duty soldiers and retired servicemen and women with the respect and dignity they deserve.
  • Gifted Canines – Their guide dogs have met rigorous medical and behavioral standards before being paired with a student. Dogs who don’t quite meet these standards are selected to change careers into other fields that are important and provide great value to a variety of people.

One of our favorite activities is puppy hugging!

LS puppy hugging GR puppy hugging

Animals are one of our passions, but animals that serve people who need a little help to be self-sufficient? Even better!

Take a look at Southeastern Guide Dogs and consider a visit to their campus, participating in an upcoming event, and making a donation. You can even have a puppy named for you!