SPCA Tampa Bay

SPCA Tampa Bay Adopts Pinstripe Marketing

SPCA Tampa Bay, Pinellas County’s venerable animal welfare organization, has selected Pinstripe Marketing as the agency of record to manage marketing and communications as the organization launches several new initiatives.

Pinstripe, a St. Petersburg-based marketing and communications firm has a long association with SPCA — providing several pro bono projects for the organization over the years. Some of these include producing a 30-second TV spot promoting the SPCA Tampa Bay 3K Petwalk, and the SPCA’s “Adopt-a-Human” campaign.

“It’s always special when a favorite cause becomes a favorite client,” commented Pinstripe Marketing president Ginger Reichl. “SPCA Tampa Bay is launching some impressive initiatives this year, and we’re proud to be a part of the communication effort.”

Familiarity with SPCA Tampa Bay will be a tremendous asset for Pinstripe in helping the 73-year-old animal care leader publicize Community Animal Connections — a new, unified series of initiatives aimed at keeping pets with their families and getting lost pets back to their homes.  Under this framework, Pinstripe will also design a comprehensive marketing strategy for new veterinary services from SPCA. The full-service center will combine high-quality care with various payment plans so local residents have more options in selecting healthcare for their pets. Additionally, Community Animal Connections will leverage strategic alliances with the Humane Society of Pinellas, Pinellas County Animal Services and wildlife-focused organizations to help ensure optimal outcomes for all animals in the area. As these developments take shape, Pinstripe will assume an integral role in promoting and communicating agency efforts.

“More than 27,000 animals faced homelessness in 2012.  That’s an enormous number of animals who need our help,” said Martha Boden, CEO of SPCA Tampa Bay. “We are relying on Pinstripe Marketing to help us connect with the community and inform the public of the services SPCA provides to keep pets in their homes.”

Even as Pinstripe “hits the ground running” with the Community Animal Connections initiatives, the agency will also help keep SPCA supporters aware of ongoing animal welfare activities, including cruelty investigations, animal behavior training, and pet-owner education.

About SPCA Tampa Bay

SPCA Tampa Bay has been a leader in humane care since its beginnings in 1940. All companion animals received by the SPCA are given a full medical and behavior evaluation. Animals that are medically stable and behaviorally sound are spayed/neutered (if they have not been altered previously) and put up for adoption. The animals remain available for adoption as long as their well-being doesn’t deteriorate. If that happens and the situation can be treated, an animal is removed from the adoption floor for treatment that can include medication, foster care and behavioral support. Animals with extensive medical issues that cannot be reasonably and humanely treated, those that do not respond to a treatment regimen and any that are behaviorally unsound are humanely euthanized. Approximately 10,000 animals a year are brought to the SPCA. Visit www.SPCATampaBay.org for more information.