Tips to Jumpstart Your Business

by Naomi Johnson of Life-Based Business The COVID-19 pandemic hit small business owners incredibly hard and also changed the way we do business forever. As we continue to adapt to this new way of life and work, the most important thing to focus on is how you can start and/or maintain a resilient business that […]

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Some Tips to Get Organized during the Busy Holiday Season

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‘Tis the season to be busy—really busy! How can you make sure nothing gets forgotten or lost in the shuffle? The amount of time it takes to do our job never seems to be enough. Then, the holidays hit. With everything going on, it’s amazing how we can ever keep up. With all of the […]

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Let’s Have a Focus Group!

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Good business decisions start by asking questions. Will there be much interest in a new product or service? Will a proposed marketing campaign strike a chord with customers? What do people truly think of your brand? A reasonably simple, and relatively inexpensive way to answer such strategic questions may be through a focus group. Unlike […]

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Relationship Building for Business and More

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Relationship building is a fundamental facet of life – we meet people, we connect with them, we become friends with them. Building relationships happens over time, and as time goes by, acquaintances become friends through common interests and shared experiences. Perhaps we’ve known a person long enough to have watched their children grow or were […]

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