Pinstripe Bookshelf: Uncommon Service

Some colleagues and I recently shared a lively discussion about business and management books we defined as professional game changers. Many titles sprang to mind, with one clearly standing out: Uncommon Service by Frances Frei and Anne Morriss (Harvard Business Review Press). Each of us had devoured its simple brilliance and intriguing premise. Frei and […]

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Resolve to devote quality time to your customers through marketing strategy

Tampa Bay marketing company

Imagery of the passing year as a weary old man, and the coming 12 months as a smiling toddler, are common. For businesses, the symbolism is especially appropriate. As a healthy child should develop into maturity, business owners hope each new year brings growth to their companies, and marketing strategy is a key part of […]

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Time to get in the spirit: Appreciating clients during the holidays

As the holidays approach, we usually think about special connections with other people. We commonly think of friends and family first, but other relationships — even those of a commercial nature — may be very important as well. Providers of professional services are unique in the level of intimacy they have with their clients. That’s […]

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