Proposed Legislation May Restrict Legal Advertising

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A bill has passed through committee in the Florida House of Representatives (PCB CJS 20-02) that would restrict the advertising of legal services. According to Florida House staff analysis, these changes prohibit legal advertisements from containing certain terminology or use of protected health information. PCB CJS 20-02 passed a committee vote, now filed as H […]

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Florida Supreme Court makes changes to lawyer advertising

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The Florida Supreme Court today adopted the Florida Bar’s proposed comprehensive revisions to its advertising rules. In an effort to make the rules more consistent and clear, there is no longer a distinction between the media used to communicate. The rules are the same for print, television, radio and online advertising. Unfortunately, this also eliminates […]

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Law Marketers Win Key Ruling with Florida Bar Settlement


Ginger Reichl comments on the Bar’s decision to exempt legal online directories and social media sites from the legal marketingadvertising rules and treat them as ‘information upon request.’ Law marketers win key ruling with Florida Bar settlement Tampa Bay Business Journal – by Jane Meinhardt Staff Writer A recent federal court stipulation increases available online […]

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