As Vice President, Project Management, Nikki knows how to construct and execute the best marketing campaigns for Pinstripe Marketing’s clients. How does she do it? She works with a blend of creativity and precision, while analyzing how to predict user experiences in a variety of digital and print applications, which lends an almost uncanny intuition to her work. Her knowledge guides some of Pinstripe’s largest clients and contributes to other major roles at the home office.

What gives Nikki the edge is her background in the arts and instructional design. Combined, these areas of her training involved the following specialties:

  • Google Adwords
  • UX Design
  • Portrait and Corporate Photography
  • Videography, Full Production
  • SEO and Content Writing
  • Instructional Design
  • AGILE Method
  • Mixed Media Artist

Her years of experience and rates of success prove that she knows what she’s doing. The Tampa Bay Business Journal gave her the Up and Comers Under 40 award in 2017. She also led a team that won a Davey award from the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts in 2016, and her team received a 2020 Silver Telly Award for the video, “Environment at Shorecrest Preparatory School’s Experiential School of Tampa Bay.”

Nikki graduated with the Leadership St. Pete Class of 2018 and continues to participate on their Planning Committee, keeping her closely tied to the pulse of St. Petersburg through the Chamber of Commerce. Professionally, she served for several years as the Director of Communications at Society for Marketing Professional Services Tampa Bay (SMPS) and was Communications Co-Chair for SMPS’s Southeastern Regional Conference in 2020. She also spends her time volunteering as a Big Sister with the Big Brother Big Sister program.

Gardening and cooking. Celebrating – both the big and the small things. Spending time with her daughter and husband, extended family, and friends. Being outside in the garden or hiking. These and making art with her Little Sister are the things Nikki loves to do. She’s always learning, whether it’s having her nose in a book or taking an online course through Coursera or Youtube tutorials. She is a foodie, enjoying cuisine both here in St. Pete and every place she travels, near and far. One of her personal goals is to visit at least two different U.S. cities every year. Charleston and Nashville were recent favorites. Best of all, her cheerful disposition can quickly change your day.

Intelligent, creative and delightful, Nikki is a person that everyone loves to work with.