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Tips to Improve Engagement with Your Website

No matter how much backend search engine optimization you do, your website content is the key to moving up the ranks on Google’s search engine results page (SERP). Content is what people want to see. Google does, too. In fact, quality content is a cornerstone of search engine optimization.

Improved Engagement = Increased Organic Search Results

Search engine marketing (SEM) and Pay Per Click (PPC) are some of the best digital marketing tools you can use to gain visibility on crowded pages. The boost you get is definitely worth the investment. It works best if you are ready for visitors. Here are some things to be aware of:


Images break up long pages of text and give the reader’s eye a rest or place to reset. They also reinforce the information being presented. Make sure to use images throughout your site. However, beware that large images and data-heavy graphics take longer to load, which lowers your rank on SERP. Video continues to be the most engaging of all content out there, so try to use it throughout your site as well. As an example – even popular podcasts are no longer audio-only. They have incorporated video to increase subscribers and engagement.

Bounce Rate

Google uses your website’s bounce rate (the time it takes for a visitor to leave) to determine where you land on any given search engine results page (SERP). This metric determines whether your content is relevant or not for each keyword. That’s why making your pages more sticky is so important.

Page Length

There’s no baseline for how long an effective page should be. However, it should be long enough to engage the reader for over a minute. Most people skim through a blog post to get to what matters most to them. Long articles keep visitors engaged, especially skimmers, which results in them staying on your website longer. Currently, articles over 2,000 words seem to get more traction and visibility than shorter ones. There are exceptions to this rule, but it takes hundreds of daily visitors to break it.

Content That Holds Their Attention

You are the subject matter experts in your field. Customers turn to you for insight to overcome problems or improve their processes. That’s why your website needs to become a trusted resource. Create and curate content that is important to your clients and audience, and that helps their business in some way.


Visitors to your site want to learn something new or confirm what they already knew. Today, you want to share as much knowledge as possible. In return, you’ll build a community of followers. For B2B, Google’s top-ranking pages teach or inform readers in a significant way that improves their lives. Remember that your tutorials, How-To videos, and general instructions should also entertain, so make sure that you imbue them with your company’s personality.

Interesting Website Copy

Quizzes and pop-up polls provide you with valuable information on your customers’ needs. They also keep them on your website a minute or two longer. You can also present your research into subjects that are of interest to your visitors.


Getting testimonials is difficult. But, you can post reviews about your company from other sites, such as Yelp or Google My Business. Remember to cite your sources and provide the links back to them.

Suggest Related Topics

Sometimes, a reader will want to know more about a related topic in a blog that you haven’t covered. You can provide a short snippet from another site, give that site credit, and link the source material for them to explore further.


Interactive elements within your website, like a quiz, keep people on the page longer. Chatbots are great because they become a direct line to a customer service representative. Interactive features enhance the user experience, making it a memorable one.

Whether it’s to improve navigation or the overall user experience, Pinstripe can create videos, blogs and optimize images for your website. We can also take professional photos and assist you in setting up a studio for recording vlogs and podcasts. Contact us today to find out how we can help you overcome other challenges associated with search engine optimization and creating engaging content for your website and social media channels.