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Pinstripe Marketing Launches Internal Sales Campaign for Trend Micro

Trend Micro wanted a “silly but memorable” mini-campaign to introduce several new sales reps to their customer, Softmart. Together, we created “Gnome Your Rep.”

We scoured the internet searching for desk friendly gnomes – not too tall, not too big, not too heavy, and of course, not too expensive. With the perfect gnomes, custom grass and signs to introduce the reps, 105 of the little guys were on their way to Pennsylvania.

The campaign launched with a sales training and floor day, signage around the office, new product information and quarterly spiffs. In addition to the desk gnomes, we created 10 “traveling gnomes” for the Softmart employees to photograph on trips this quarter. The best gnome photos will earn even more prizes.

“Gnome Your Rep” was extremely well-received by the client, including the executive team who said it was among the most creative initiatives they’ve seen. Trend Micro employees and executives alike had fun photographing their gnomes throughout the office. More importantly, the training day was a lively and interactive success. Let’s sell some Trend Micro!

See more Gnome Your Rep photos on the Pinstripe Facebook page.