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What is Pay Per Click or PPC Marketing?

In short, if you own a business, it’s something you should be doing! Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing is digital advertising, usually using Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords). Google Ads are the internet’s form of the paid advertisements you find in printed newspapers and magazines.

Why Google Ads?

Google search commands the online search market. What did you use the last time you did an internet search? The answer is likely, Google. Therefore, if you’re going to spend your money on PPC advertising, stick with Google Ads for now. It’s the mainstay of pay-per-click advertising. It has also made vast improvements to the interface over the years, and as usual, Google is constantly looking for ways to improve the end user’s experience.


Who Needs Google Ads?

Everyone who sells a product or service should consider Google Ads as part of their marketing efforts. They can be very inexpensive if executed properly, and the ability to use data to target your audience is priceless. Combined with solid search engine optimization (SEO), Google Ads can increase traffic to your website, at a fraction of the cost of traditional print advertising.


What Are Google Ads?

Google Ads can use video content, or they can be text ads. They are brief and to the point and will contain keywords relevant to the users’ search. They appear on search results pages at the top, the right hand of the page, or the bottom of the search results. They may also appear on other websites, depending on the type of campaign you are creating.

You create a series of text ads using keywords that apply to the product or service you’re offering. Those ads direct your audience to specific pages on your website, called landing pages, designed for the ad. The call to action (CTA) is to the point and achieves the goal of your ad, and the pages are usually quite headfirst.


Where Are Google Ads?

First, if you want to set up a Google Ads account, you most likely won’t have a hard time. Anyone with a Gmail account is already halfway there. Google Ads are one of many applications offered in the Google suite – a full list is located in the top right of your Gmail account. Click on the grid of mini white squares.

Second, if you are curious about where exactly these Google Ads show up on search pages, chances are you’ve seen them many times. They appear on the first page of search results, either at the top, right, or bottom of the page, depending on their ranking, which is determined by one of Google’s famous algorithms. They have the word “Ad” in a box next to them.


How Do I Create a Campaign?

Even though I made all this sound very easy, it’s important to have a strategy in place when you are creating a Google Ads campaign. There is no better way to waste money (in any advertising campaign) than to dive in headfirst without a plan. Planning includes competitive and keyword research, building a keyword list, setting goals, and designing landing pages.

Google Ads should be considered an integral part of your marketing strategy. If you are ready to add Google Ads to your digital marketing strategy, get in touch – this is one of the many services Pinstripe Marketing offers.