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Your Website is the Key to Growth

by Gloria Martinez, WomenLed

In today’s tech savvy age, a lot goes into making a business a success. Most notably, a well-designed, highly functional website is one of the most influential factors that play a part in helping a business grow. Here’s how you can use your website to your advantage.

Integrating your ERP with your CRM

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is an essential component of streamlining the basic functions within your business so that they work in sync with each other. Some of the components that an ERP system would organize include business functions such as finance, human resource management, supply chain management, procurement, etc. With ERP software, these tasks are usually synchronized with a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) so that the end-to-end customer experience becomes more streamlined. All this is designed to simplify business processes and increase revenue at the end of the day.

How automation works with your business’ website

Nowadays, a CRM and ERP can be incorporated into your system with specialized software and can optimize the functionality of your website even more. For example, if you own an e-commerce store, a CRM can assist with making the online checkout process much easier for online shoppers. An ERP can handle the payment side of things, for example, so that the billing process makes it easier for customers to pay and checkout. As far as deciding on an efficient online payment goes, be sure to choose one with minimal credit card fees. Also, use financial API bank account balance software that works alongside your payment system. These APIs can help prevent your customers from overdrawing on their bank accounts if they don’t have enough money to cover the payment. This will shield you from fees and penalties as well.

Optimizing your website for growth

Of course, it’s not just ERP or CRM software that can be integrated into the design of your website to facilitate growth. It’s also about what you can do to improve the functionality of your website. Some issues you may need to address to increase the visibility of your website include improving the user experience, adding customer reviews, and in general, making the user’s time on the website as simple and stress-free as possible.

Creating a more user-friendly experience

A website that is designed with user-friendliness in mind is one where customers can find what they are looking for easily when landing upon your site. For instance, are the contact buttons where they should be? Is it easy to browse around from one section to the next? Is the readability on point? And is it just as easy to navigate your website on a mobile phone as it is on a desktop? All of these factors will go into determining how user-friendly your website is from Google’s perspective, which will have a direct correlation on how easily customers will be able to find you on the web.

Other things you can do to improve user experience include:

  • Add customer reviews and testimonials to let customers see why your brand is the best choice and to give them first-hand info on other people’s experience with your product or service.
  • Make sure your website is clear and to the point. Here, you should eliminate any superfluous information that may detract from your message.
  • A/B test your headline to ensure that it grabs the attention of your audience and motivates them to continue reading.
  • Focus on your CTA by making sure it’s bold, clear, and direct enough for customers to find what they need or complete their purchase.

In summary, an efficient website could be a business’ ticket to success. Moreover, the optimization of your website should be prioritized to ensure that your business remains competitive in an online space where competition is at an all-time high. Do this and your business is sure to outdo your competitors and reach heights you never thought possible.

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