You Already Know Your Best Brand Ambassadors

ambassador_newsYou may know exactly what your brand stands for. But does your team? As the people who interact with your customers every day, your employees must be fully aware of your brand message and how to represent it.

This encompasses everything you do and everyone you touch: from the pitch, to customer service, to email communications, to the way we dress when meeting with customers and prospects.

Creating a culture of brand immersion may seem simple. But many companies — good companies with great products, services and people – often miss the mark. To help your team understand, embrace and convey your value:

  • Capture in writing what your brand equals and put it in the hands of everyone on your staff
  • Train them how to deliver your message
  • Give them cues to discover opportunities to inject your brand
  • Empower them to help each other monitor and manage their performance
  • Reward them for supporting and promoting it

There are a variety of ways to keep employees engaged and motivated to accomplish goals with your brand in mind, including communicating those goals clearly, continuing education, providing a comfortable and exciting workspace, and celebrating successes.

Take a pulse check now. Ask your team: What is our brand value and what do we stand for? When they answer correctly, treat them to lunch!

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