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Zodiac Marketer: Sagittarius

Our next zodiac sign is Sagittarius: birthdays between November 22 – December 22.

Sagittarius is a fire sign with the strengths: deep, honest and smart. A couple of their weaknesses are impatience and boastfulness. We’ll explore ways these positive and negative traits can be applied or avoided in marketing and business practices.

Depth in Marketing

Depth can take on many meanings. But, let’s take depth in this case to mean emotional depth. Why is that important in marketing and business? Since when do we bring emotion into our work lives?

Emotional intelligence is a language you will be speaking about more and more in the workplace. And when it comes to creative areas of business like marketing, emotion can play a huge role in reaching your audience and converting them into clients. For example, those Hallmark commercials that bring a little tear to your eye every time? That timeless tactic and its success is the reason they are still using that same approach. The brand pulls at your heartstrings and has for decades. It works! We’re not saying go the super cheesy route but consider using emotion to your advantage in your marketing campaigns.

Honesty in Marketing

Honesty is the best policy in your marketing campaigns. From professional services to household cleaning products, people crave truth and authenticity in their favorite brands—and rightfully so. Transparency has been withheld for long enough, so give people what they want and what they need.

The best way to use honesty to your advantage is to start with a great product that is worth bragging about. That way when you market that product, you’re not lying! It’s pretty simple, and you won’t have the unethical act of false advertising weigh on your conscience.

Wildness in Marketing

Being wild in marketing and business means taking risks. It could mean choosing to run a new campaign that is outside your normal style or redesigning your website using some of the latest trends in web design. What it doesn’t mean is getting drunk at a holiday social and doing a keg stand or filming yourself doing a stunt to get attention on social media. Wild can be tempered, mature, and professional. Think of wild as a creative stunt rather than a goofy, immature one.

Avoid: Impatience in Marketing

Business leaders and marketers alike should know that patience is a keystone of business. Marketing campaigns take time for the results to come in. Like that Google Ads campaign you just started. You’ll need to give it some time before it starts converting sales. Just started your business? You may not see a substantial profit for a couple of years.

Impatience during the creative process can be a mistake, as well. Creativity takes time. If you want the best from your artists, don’t rush them! Being impatient during these times, at the very least, will make your life miserable. But, worse than that, it could lead to making rash decisions that could be detrimental to your business or campaign.

Avoid: Boasting in Marketing

Okay, so there’s probably a fine line when it comes to boasting in marketing. After all, the very definition of marketing involves touting the highlights of your product or service and demonstrating to the world how awesome you are. But be careful not to go overboard. Try to toe the line between being humble and outright bragging.

If you’re unsure, put yourself in your audience’s shoes. If you were reading, hearing, or seeing the ad, social post, or a promotional piece, would you be rolling your eyes in annoyance? If so, tone it down a bit.

Have you ever experienced any of the above traits in your marketing campaigns or business? We’d love to hear your stories, the good, the bad, and the ugly!